Flea market of monastica in Athens

Central areas of Athens are one big market, almost on every street there is some natural market. In Athens, there are generally a lot of street markets, the souvenirs are sold on one of them, on other Greek farmers offer environmentally friendly honey, oil and wine of their own production, but we decided to tell about the flea market in Athens. By the way, there are several such markets in the Greek capital, and they say that the most interesting one is going on weekends in Pirae, but we have not visited him yet, so I will tell you about the flea market in Monastica. Buying something in this market is not at all necessary, on it you can just walk on the museum street and see what the Greeks lived at the end of the last century. Well, if you are a collector of old equipment, toys or vinyl, then you just need to visit here, and lovers of all vintage stuffing for the interior will be satisfied.

Flea market in Athens

The most famous flea market in Athens is located next to Monastiraki Metro Station, it is difficult to skip it, because right on the central square you will see a big pointer in English.

Entrance to the flea flea market in Avine

But do not rush to rejoice, immediately behind the pointer begins the usual market, there are very similar to Second Hand, although simple shopping shops here too. First feeling when you get into this part of the market that you are in Istanbul on the Grand Bazar – around the same bustle, pockets (so take care of your wallets) and a huge selection of every junk, which is incomprehensible who buys.

But if you want to get on a real flea market, then do not waste time here, but immediately go to the end of the street, and here you will find a real Athenian flea market, or rather, the flea market of monastica.

Not at all the flea market in Athens

Vintage flea market in Athens works on weekends. It is believed that the best time for shopping on the flea market – Sunday morning. But personally it seemed to us that we could find merchants here, who brought their Skarb for sale. As a rule, it is a book, some sewing fittings, plates, dishes, toys, a huge mountains of furniture and techniques of the last century are added to this variety: Patefones, phone numbers, cameras and lamps.

Flea market of monastica

In order to find something interesting, you will have to try and plunge into the mountains of this rhuchadi with your head. Among the goods are not only Greek things, here are full of German sewing machines, books in French, Chinese porcelain and the like. In general, goods from around the world are collected on the Athenian flea market.

Flea market in Athens

Goods in the flea market

We went to the market unsystematically, running from one interesting fit to the other, and it seemed to us that everything was confused here, but in fact, the market was divided into zones: in one of his parts, furniture sellers were located, in another book station, in the third numismatics.

Posters will decorate the interior of an interesting cafe

Most of the sellers lays their products on temporary trays, and sometimes at all on Earth, to upset some piece of paper. But there are also permanent shops, we usually sell clothes, dishes and furniture.

Temporary trays in the markets that appear every weekend

On the antique market in Athens not only can be, but also need to be bargained, because the price can be confused almost widow. So before our eyes the Big Italian took the most beautiful porcelain service of the beginning of the 20th century for € 180 instead of € 300, which originally wanted the seller for him. And the our girl pulled himself jewelry from the famous European designer for some € 10, instead of € 25.

Pathetones, weapons, decorations – All this can be bought in the flea market

Flea market of monastica in Athens - opening hours, where it is located

Buttons, coins – At first glance, garbage from the garage, and in fact there are rare artifacts

Among visitors on the market mostly tourists, so pricing does not obey any rules. Something interesting, for example, postcards from pre-war in Europe, you can buy for € 1 per piece (for comparison, modern souvenir postcards stand as much) or vinyl records of the 80s of € 3, and for incomprehensible plastic buttons that were on all Soviet coats can ask for € 5-7 per piece. Perhaps they are some unique, but we do not understand this .. &# 128578;

Vinyl plates a lot

And such a phone still stands in one of the hotels of Polotsk and works great

In general, the flea market of monastica in Athens produced us more likely a pleasant impression, we did not plan to make purchases on it, so we did everything. We walked and pogroke about every junk, valuable and not very, and then deliciously filed in one of the Greek taverns. In general, this is an excellent option for those who are tired of the ancient Greek monuments and wants to somehow diversify their walks in the Greek capital.

If you do not enter the number of vintage shopping fans, then you will be enough literally half an hour to see all the most interesting, but if you configured to take home some centenary mirror or the XIX century casket, it is better to lay a lot of time on the flea market and come to It is on Sunday kasikov to 10-11, when all merchants are already on the ground, and numerous tourists are satisfied after the rapid Saturday night.

That just do not sell in the market in Athens

Flea market of monastica in Athens

We love markets very much and try to visit them in all countries in which we are. It so happened that this time we failed to visit the Central Market Athens. More precisely, we visited there, but after it closed, so the flea market of monastica became a good alternative to look at the street trade life of Greece.

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