Flax and bees, roofs and water lilies

That interesting launched for yourself, so this is what earlier in Latvia was engaged in the production of flax. Now the production of fabric is so actively engaged, but before people did it exclusively. Looking for cars and devices that people enjoyed to make a mockery of fabrics from the field plant, they involuntarily understand how genius is human thought and his hand is inventive.

On the cards, an example of how people lived: large rooms in which everyone got along with some, carved furniture, punched walls, modest, but the most necessary decoration.

The story of our guide was entertaining, and I myself wanted to walk there much more, but in the days there is only 24 hours, and it was time to walk on. And there are people waiting.)

Next meeting – with a beekeeper named Aivars. Only the beekeeper to call it a little: makes honey, bee houses, honey wine, engaged in therapy, which I have never heard about – sleep on bee hijah.

I didn’t know about her earlier, and here I was immediately told in the small house, I really explain anything: just sit and relax. Litting on a soft bed, listening to himself and surrounding, noticed a light bee hum, and putting his hands under a thin mattress, felt a light vibration and pleasant warmth. Everything from what we were sitting on the most real bees.

The essence of therapy is to miss the bee vibrations through yourself, breathe the smell of the bee house, warm themselves with heat. It was good, though.

A little weather Aivars came to the house itself. Conversations for a pleasant drink, probably, in the traditions of Latvia (however, as in other countries): Aivars brought with him golden, more precisely to say the copper color of the drink – home honey wine with three types of berries. I have not tried anything like this before, but I tried, I realized that the drink was wonderful. Because friends, not embarrassed by the lack of grapes in wine, boldly and with pleasure try.

Aivars came to beekeeping not immediately: he studied at the engineer, he was able to work as a real teacher, and now it is entirely devoted to the work of honey. According to him, it takes all his time: in the summer it takes care of the bees, the houses build them in the winter, helps a spouse with bee therapy.

Caring for little yellow-black friends is not a simple: Aivars’s bees do not live constantly in one place, he regularly "walks" – takes all the bee families for the seasonally flowering field, places the hives, feeds the bee and just with attention and care for them belong.

It was always interesting for us how to distinguish Honey "Right" and the present from something that has only colors of honey. Aivars answered like this: honey is good when people are right working with bees. Honey should not be assembled too fast, but with caution and care for bees and their work. The beekeeper should work with the right tools, in proper clothes, with a good mood. And that honey will be good for you that you taste our taste.

The question came to mind and how many honey people eat well a day. The answer turned out to be: 1 gram of honey for one kilogram of your weight. All simple.)

Flax and bees, roofs and water lilies

Honey Aivars I am very and very loved: Sweet, but not a shrill, pleasant golden color and soft flower taste. Let the backpacks we have without that difficult, but I could not deny yourself the pleasure: a jar of honey in half liters still acquired.

The next point of our interest was unusual, especially for the girl: Masters of traditional Latvian roofs and authentic houses. Stephen has long been interested in how the roofs of wooden tiles in Latvia were made before. And it happened that in Vecpiebalga such craftsmen work: restore houses with a long history and build housing for admirers of Latvian traditions.

A visit, I must say, I am struck and inspired. Struck by the skill of people, inspired the beauty of their work. I think Stef will tell about them a bit more, I will say that the desire to take and build a house. And there is no big difference in that girl I or not.

After we went to meet with the mayor of the city – energetic and blooming woman Ella. She is the first mayor of the female in Vecpiebalga and the first mayor, who cares about the city for the 16th year. And I must say, she is big well done. Looking at how little town develops, it is possible only with respect to shake her hand.

Under the end of the energetic day, we showed a slightly city, for me the biggest and pleasant discovery was the lake. The lake on the surface of which melted and bloomed many water lilies. With these flowers, I gently admired in the pictures, I could not see in my life, but here – the lake, as a field, they are dotted.

It turned out that one family cares about the lake: the lilac lake passed them by her inheritance from the father of his wife, he at one time did so that the people of the city could admire 60 types of lilies at the same time. To our visit, many colors have already hungf, but the beauty for me is more likely as lucky. Beauty share and everyone I wish to see it with my own eyes.)

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