Flavor simplicity of majestic brandenburg

Coloring and simplicity of the region are especially noticeable against the background of Berlin, an independent federal land, which was comfortable in the center of federal lands of Brandenburg. There is something to see and what to admire.

Nature Brandenburg

The second largest German region is famous for its nature. Naturalness and primacy of local nature are not corrupted by people. Here are located 3 biosphere reserves, 11 reserves and pride of Brandenburg – National Park Flashing Meadows In the lowering odds. These are fantastic places for natural travel.

Great amount hiking and bicycle routes covers all corners of the region. Rivers and lakes, which here have a huge amount, are affected by the incredible purity of water, making boat walks especially pleasant.

On river shores you can always arrange a small picnic, and pine bours are perfectly suitable for hiking.

Bad Zarov, Bad Belzig, Luckenwalde and Templin Famous of their thermal sources and spa complexes. Here you can treat and pamper your body.

In Brandenburg, there are all the best corners of Europe. Ukkermark is similar to the little Tuscany, and Spreyeval – Venice, Parks and Poksdam Palaces rightly refer to the Brandenburg Arkady.

Sights of Brandenburg

Even the smallest towns and villages of the region store ancient sights. About the royal history of land resemble 500 palaces, palace complexes and ancient estate.

Palace of the 17th century, Initially belonging to the Dutch princess Louise Herrette Orange still shines beauty and greatness in Oranienburg.

For construction Church of St. Mary Gone 250 years. This is a characteristic Gothic building decorated with rather complex stained glass windows in Frankfurt-on-Oder.

There is own Gothic church and in an old vender.

Zenftenberg Proud of its one is proud Military fortress, serving powerful outpost not only for Brandenburg, but also for the adjacent lands of Saxony.

Flavor simplicity of majestic brandenburg

Concerning Brandenburg-on-hafel, then this is a recognized pearl of the whole region, the city itself can be bolden by the historical monument.


It is impossible to bypass the capital of the land – Potsdam. Northern entrance to the capital decorate National Gate, and East Brandenburg. These are very beautiful and vintage monuments of architectural architecture, a kind of business card Potsdam. The Glyniki Bridge is known for the fact that it was for the first time for the first time exponents.

V Chinese tea house Porcelain exhibitions are held, the house is also an exhibition exhibit. It was built in the 18th century, but the abundant gilding of a house and his turquoise roof still attract attention to it.

Besides vintage and museum values, in the capital there are many other places for recreation, there is something to admire. Amazes magnificence Palace Park San Sust, Beautiful and exotic Tropical Biosphere Park. You can have fun and have fun in the park and water park Tropical Islands and in Cinema Park Babelsberg.

Being in Potsdam, it is impossible not to visit Island friendship, With a 150-year history, in an old wild park, which is located near the Imperial Station of the San Susti railway station and in the new, very young, folk park.

Brandenburg is largely similar to its neighbors, and still, there is everything in it its highlight. Here, beauty, old man, simplicity and greatness are so harmoniously combined that the region becomes completely dissimilar in any of the lands. But in order to understand this, you need to plunge into this atmosphere.

Flavor simplicity of majestic brandenburg

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