Flashing trip in the parcel box

If you really need to get from one part of the world to another, and in the pockets empty, it’s not a problem. Of course, I will not get a hitchhiker from Misty Albion to the green continent, but a simple Australian guy managed to cope with this task to another original way. He overcame this path in a wooden parcel box.

Everything happened in 1964, when Australian athlete Reginald James Spyers, more famous world under the name Rudge Spyers, arrived in London. A promising 22-year-old sweeter thrower hoped here with the help of specialists at an accelerated pace to recover after a serious injury and have time to get into the Australian team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Alas, plans did not work out.

When an unlucky kopeman became finally clear that the Woven Olympiad did not shine to him, he thought about returning home. The situation at that time was not easy. There was no money for a return ticket, and to save them, the athlete got a job at the International Cargo Terminal of London Heathrow Airport. Perhaps some time later, he would collect the cherished sum and returned to his native Adelaide in the traditional way in the aircraft chair. But everything changed overnight when he was stolen by a wallet, where he reckoned his and without that meager savings.

Start all the impatient Rudge did not want. Especially the birthday of his little daughter was approaching, where he had to attend. Ingenious and at the same time a simple decision came to him, as often happens, spontaneously. "Why not send yourself home by aircraft cash on delivery – in other words, with the payment of the shipment by the addressee for its receipt?"- thought an enterprising Australian. The fact that such a risky warrant is quite fulfilled, Raj did not at all doubt – he was convinced of this, working at the airport. He has repeatedly had to see how this way is sent around the world of different animals. "If they are withstanding the airfare, then a couple of days will decide and I", "he judged.

To begin with, the RADA has reasoned, what could be the maximum box size allowed by air transport. It was impossible to do without any assistance to do without any assistance, and the athlete had to open up his London friend John Maksorly, also a spear thrower. It was he who he instructed to make his little ark. Knowing the stubborn character of Australian, John, fastening the heart, fulfilled the request of the comrade. Several nights in a row, he was in his apartment in his apartment, and soon a good wooden product with a size of 1.5 x 0.9 x 0.75 m was ready to take into its worse passenger.

He has repeatedly had to see how this way is sent around the world of different animals. "If they are withstanding the airfare, then a couple of days will decide and I", "he judged

Of course, the inner space of the drawer was extremely limited, but, nevertheless, inside the RAHD could quite afford to sit, stretching his legs, or lie on his back, bent his knees. Both the end walls of the box were hardly fixed from the inside with the help of internal valves, so if necessary, an adventurer could always leave his refuge through two emergency exit. In order not to issue yourself during the loading and unloading work and accidentally do not worship, he intended to be fastened with strap belts, securely attached to the sidewalls and the bottom of the box. The modest road swift was packed in a small bar so that nothing in it crashed during transportation. And although the journey, according to the calculations, Regend, was short-lived, he prudently took a little provisioning on the road: two banks with canned spaghetti, a pack of biscuit cookies, a tile of chocolate, a bottle of fruit juice and a fruit boum. In addition, it had a pocket flashlight, a blanket, a pillow, a plastic water bottle and an empty container for collecting waste. On the label pasted on the box, in the Count "The name of the cargo", friends indicated the paint, and in the column "consignee" fictitious an fictional Australian shoe factory, pointing out the contact person of a non-existent Mr. Graham. And more: a week before the departure, Australian stopped eating to clean the intestines and slow down the metabolism in the body.

Radge knew perfectly well that sending such a bulk and heavy load by the plane would be much more expensive than the value of ordinary passenger ticket. But cash on delivery gave a wonderful opportunity to postpone the payment (and rather, the rules) before arriving in Australia. "The main thing is to get home, and then it will go," the desperate guy decided.

On Saturday, October 17, 1964, one of the most unusual and dangerous travels of a person began in London Heathrow Airport in the entire history of aviation, which, fortunately, ended quite safely. As later I explained the press of the Radge, darkness and the closed space did not mind him at all, and therefore he simply climbed into the container and drove. The first unforeseen incident fell to a fraction of a flaile immediately after passing it to John in baggage. London, apparently, did not want to let go of the traveler just like that, without having gone to him with his branded dense fog. The flight flight of the airline Air India on the route London – Perth (Western Australia) was detained more than 28 hours. Actually, Ragge had to be in Adelaide (South Australia), his hometown, but the choice of intentionally fell on Perth. At that time there was a small spent airport without strict inspection and control measures, where, as he believed, it would be easier to get out of unnoticed.

Indian movers, unlike French, did not ceremony with a box, and, despite the preventive inscription, "not conntive", without the slightest revelation of conscience put it on the ass

Following this, it was not forced to wait and the second test. Tired so long expectation of takeoff and being, finally, in the air on the way from London to Paris, Radge risked briefly to leave his "cabin" to light muscles slightly and. Fortunately, no one exposed him, although he is in a hurry and forgot the jar with urine on the lid of the box. French movers, finding such an unpleasant gift, scary faded, turning all their righteous anger in English colleagues, deciding that this obscene strike – their hands.

But a real test for strength was for an athlete Intermediate landing at Bombay airport (since 1995 – Mumbai). Indian movers, unlike French, did not begin to ceremony with the box and, despite the preventive inscription "not to conntove", without the slightest point of conscience put it on the ass. The unlucky traveler was up his legs, and he had to stay for some time in such an unnatural state before he could dissemble and take a normal position. Moreover, waiting for loading a box for four hours threw in the midst of a hot day in the open sky on the take-off field. To top it off to the entire box with dehydrated to limit Australian dropped from a forklift carer a carelist driver. Finally, the plane took the course to the feather pert.

Flashing trip in the parcel box

The first thing that after the landing on the green continent heard so-striving home the kopeketel, were, to put it mildly, non-useful reviews of local movers about the sizes of his "Ark". For this time, unloading was promptly, and the drawer was placed in the hangar. As soon as the gate behind the loaders slammed, Rudge immediately left his refuge. There were cardboard boxes with bottles of beer, and, although the athlete was indifferent to the alcohol, he gladly drank a lifeful foam drink. So he noted the completion of his Odyssey. 63 hours locked with a lonely flew for him as a terrible dream, leaving behind almost 21,000 km of way.

63 hours locked with a lonely flew for him as a terrible dream, leaving behind almost 21,000 km of way

Good luck did not leave the hero and on earth. To get out of the hangar, carpentry tools left for workers. Lucky carved a hole in a barn wall of the barn and, changed in a fresh suit, cooked in advance in London, left the building in a lifestyle. I did not meet any security, so he calmly mixed with the rest of passengers and left the airport. Having rinsed a bit and having come into myself in Perth, I drove the road to Adelaud. But the fate won him again – he met the priest on his way home, who helped him get to his hometown by train.

Radge did not want publicity, and perhaps his crazy warba would remain in secret. But either from joy, or from the recklessness, he completely forgot to notify his good English friend John Maksori about the completion of a risky enterprise. And the one concerned about the long silence of a friend, reported on the familiar correspondent of the London newspaper The Telegraph. Of course, representatives of the media did not miss such sensational news and raised the real media masters in the Australian newspapers, later turned into the World Bang. Under pressure from the public of the airline forgiven a flaile, without taking the board for the extreme passage.

It remains to add that the further life of Reginald James Spyers was not less exciting. Yes, otherwise, it could not be in a person who had such adventurous abilities and irrepressible energy. Until 1981, he continued a successful sports career, twice becoming a champion of Australia. And after the departure from the athletics, he was agreed together with his mistress in relations with drug trafficking and in Adelaide was arrested for the import of smuggling to Cocaine Country and the resin cannabis in the amount of 1.2 million Australian dollars. The guilt of his athlete acknowledged his athlete, and, being on freedom on bail, immediately after sentencing in October 1981, secretly fled to his passion with his passion. A few months later, he appeared in India, where he was arrested by a local police, also for drug traffic. His again implainly released on bail, and he did not fail to hide again. Two years Reggie managed to hide from the police. But in 1984, luck gave a failure, and he was detained at Sri Lanka airport with a fake French passport when transporting hashish and heroin hidden in a cassette tape recorder. On June 2, 1987, for the Spipers, it was an hour of paying for an insurmountable craving for risky enterprises – he was sentenced to death. However, a competent appeal rescued it from the tenacious hands of the Lankan executioner. Everything ended in three years in prison in Australia. Everything is better than perpetual sleep on a foreign land.

In 2012, the restless reggend was detained on suspicion of growing and illegal turnover, as well as in the illegal storage of the revolver. But a year later, all charges were removed from him, the prosecutor’s office could not prove anything. Now the former athlete and smuggler peacefully, at least externally, lives in his native Adelaide. What will throw out the next time now 74-year-old old Redj will show time.

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