Flanders for family holidays

Flanders – region, very suitable for family holidays: short flight (3.5 h), temperate climate, delicious food, adequate prices, many museums, cultural monuments, interactive entertainment. Flemishly remember well what it is – to be a kid: I want to touch everything, run everywhere, try everything yourself. Therefore, museums and attractions here seem to be specifically created precisely for family visits. We offer you some recommendations, how fun and interesting to hold family leisure in Brussels, Mechelen and Antwerp.

Any journey through Flanders, begins, as a rule, from Brussels. In addition to the richest cultural heritage, restaurants, shopping and other entertainment, Brussels is considered to be the Belgian capital of comics. We advise visit Comic Museum / Belgian Comic Strip Center (Official name – Belgian Comic Center), located in a magnificent modern building in the heart of Brussels, in 10 min. walk from the Central Station (Gare Centrale). Another similar museum – Moof (Museum of Original Figurines), Where the figures of all the most famous characters of Belgian comics are presented. If these museums are not enough, you can stroll through one of the special tourist routes in which many houses are included, whose walls are decorated with characters of a variety of comics.

Museum of Natural History in Brussels – Great place to visit with children who are interested in nature, science and evolution. As always in Flanders, this is not an ordinary classic museum in which young guests will soon become boring, but interactive and very modern. In the museum there are halls dedicated to dinosales, a variety of flora and fauna on earth from prehistoric times to the present day, minerals and precious stones, ecology and t.D. We recommend to look in Palelab, where for 45 minutes. Professional animators will offer children 30 diverse activities related to paleontology – paint the skeleton of a dinosaur or, for example, to collect puzzle about a cave person.

One more "scientific" Museum – Technopolis (Technopolis) In Mechelen. This is also a scientific, and informative – an entertainment center, where more than 280 interactive exhibits are collected, designed to acquaint children with the surrounding world, scientific achievements, chemical processes and physical phenomena. All exhibits can be torn with their hands, with many – to conduct experiments, climb inside, try on themselves and t.D.

Flanders for family holidays

If your children prefer fresh air and conversation with nature, we recommend that you visit Zoopar Antwerp or Mehelena. Mechelen zoo Planckkendael (Planckendael) Plankendal is more like a zoo, but on the Park of Wildlife: there is a pond, and playgrounds, and a special children "Trail adventure. Territory Zoo "broken" On Sectors, appropriate continents – America, Africa, Australia and T. D. The Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest in the world and is considered the best in Europe along with Vienna. It is located near the Central Station, so, having arrived in Antwerp on the train, you can go straight here. And while children enjoy familiarity with animals, parents can admire the architecture in the Art Deco style, which glorified this zoo no less than his unique inhabitants, which are more than 500.

In addition to visiting the zoo, there are some more interesting and enjoyment for the whole family in Antwerp. First, you can ride around the city on the traditional wagon, harboring by Brabanthi horses. Secondly, visit the Museum of Type Plantin-Moretus (Plantin-Moretus), Where can I see old typographic equipment and vintage books. One more attention – "Aquatopia" (Aquatopia): Huge Oceanarium, located next to the Antwerp Zoo. Here are seven thematic halls talking about the diversity of the underwater world and its inhabitants, and even the real laboratory of the oceanologist.

Flanders for family holidays

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