Flamenco Show Kardamomo

In a small base of basement type, the Spanish guitar is heard. But Baru’s fame brought Flamenco Show Kardamomo, which goes here. In 1994, the Bar Cardomomo became the venue for professional executors of Flamenco. First, the performances were carried out only 1 time per month, but then increasingly 2 times, 3 times a week, until they switched to daily speeches.

Flamenco show Cardamomo offers its platform for a variety of dance groups, to get on the same performer here is almost impossible here, so if you are passionate fans of certain dancers and guitarists, it is better to view the poster on the official website of the bar. In any other case, a visit is a bar will deliver incomparable pleasure, because teams protruding here – PROFO who have proven themselves in tour throughout Spain!

Flamenco Show Cardamomo Attractions Madrid Travel Guide

Be prepared that visitors here are always very much, you will have to crawl behind the tiny tables in a rather sampling room, but the extra eye of paints, music and movements, which opens on a narrow stage, makes forget all inconvenience. The basic cost of the tickets includes the show itself and a glass of beautiful Spanish Sangrio, a dinner included dinner from national Spanish dishes: Gaspacho, Paella, bovine tails soup, cheese and raspberry cake – All this can be tried in the bar.

Visit the bar from Tuesday to Sunday, the show starts at 21-00. You can pre-book tickets on the Bar website. Cost of viewing the show and one drink – 39 euros if the price is included in addition dinner, then visit will cost 72 euros per person. For children under 12 years old discounts.

Flamenco Show Cardamomo Attractions Madrid Travel Guide

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