Flag of the UAE

What does the UAE flag look like? What does his colors mean? Who and when he came up with him? What flags were in seven emirates before the unification? Read the answers in this article.

The flag of the United Arab Emirates was first raised by Sheikh Zait Al-Nahayan on December 2, 1971. This day entered the story as the day of the founding of the UAE. Read about this in detail in our articles "History of the UAE" and "Sheikh Zaid – Father of the UAE".

What does the UAE flag and accurate proportions look like

The flag of the United Arab Emirates consists of one vertical strip of red on the left, and three lanes of green, white and black colors (listing from top to bottom) on the right side.

The ratio of width to height: 2: 1. The width of the red vertical strip: 25% of the width of the flag. The height of each of the horizontal strips: 33.3% of the height of the flag.

Vitely we showed proportions in the picture nearby, click on the picture to enlarge full screen.

Turn over the UAE flag vertically permitted, but only a red stripe up.

Colors chosen not by chance. These are the so-called "Common Arab" or "Pan-Arabic colors". They should be told in detail.

What is "common Arabic colors" ("Pan-Arabic colors")

These are four colors: White, Black, Green and Red. These colors are used in flags and symbols of almost all Arab countries. It is believed that this unites the Arab countries and the Arab nation. Only by Qatar flag white-burgundy.

These colors have historical and cultural importance for Arabs. Each of them symbolizes the era in the history of the Arab nation.

Black – this is the color of the flag of the prophet Mohammed and the righteous caliphate.

White is the color of the Omoyyad Caliphate.

Green – this is the color of the Fatimid Caliphate.

Red – this is the color of the dynasty of the hashist and the Ottoman Empire.

The first flag based on Pan-Arabic colors appeared in 1916, it was the "banner of the Arab Revolution" – the liberation movement of Arabs against the Ottoman Empire. With the support of the British Arabs, then achieved great success, but most of the Arab countries eventually fell under the power of England and France, but some have gained independence, for example Saudi Arabia.

These four colors in the 14th century described as a symbol of the Arab nation Poet Safi Al-Dean Al-Helli. He wrote: "White – our actions, black – our battles, green – our fields, red – our swords". White – the symbol of piety and virtue. Black – symbol of power and courage. Green – fertility symbol. Red – blood color enemies.

Of course, now symbolism has already changed, but let’s talk about it a little later in this article. Now let’s tell the story of the creation.

History of creating the flag of the UAE

The history of creation we know in all details. The fact is that the author of the design Abdul Mohammed al-Maana now live and even is in public service, despite age. At the time of updating this article (February 2021), he has already been 69 years old, he works diplomat.

Naturally, Mr. Al-Maana has already managed to tell this story in all details. In our presentation, we will bring it quotes from an interview with the newspaper "The National". His photo See below, click on the photo to enlarge.

Through three months before the unification of the Emirates in a single state, a competition was announced on the flag design. Competition invited everyone, the conditions of the competition were published in the local newspaper Al Ittihad.

19-year-old Abdul Mohammed al-Maana read about the competition just 2 days before the deadline for submission of applications. He found colored paper, scissors and measuring instruments. From several of their design options, he chose the best and sent to the competition.

A total of 1030 applications were filed for the competition. The best of them became nominees and were published in local newspapers. Abdul al-Maana could not understand whether he came to the final, as the newspapers were black and white, red and green colors on the pictures were displayed gray.

Only on December 2, 1971, Abdul al-Maana saw his flag raised above the Mushif Palace in Abu Dhabi. An interesting fact that he understood it is not immediately. That day there was no wind, the flag did not develop.

Abdul al-Maana remembers: "I didn’t know that my flag was chosen until I ran to the Palace of Mushif and because of the fence, standing on tiptoe, did not see. That day there was no wind, and I waited until I trick at least a weak wind to make sure it was my flag. My feelings then described it is impossible."

A few months later Abdul al-Maanach congratulated and handed the money prize – 4000 dinars, at the time, a maximum amount. Recall that the UAE has not yet been to their currency, the currency "Dirham UAE" was introduced only in 1973.

Symbolism flower

In the modern UAE, the values ​​of colors are interpreted differently than Al-Helli’s poet in the 14th century did.

Red color – chief in the flag of the UAE. The main value of the vertical red stripe is a symbol of unity of all Emirates. Red color in Arab culture symbolizes courage, courage, perseverance and strength.

Green color – this is a symbol of the country’s wealth. There has changed little from the 14th century, the fertility symbol smoothly switched to the sleep symbol. Also green symbolizes joy, optimism and love.

White color – symbol of peace, honesty and purity. Of course, the white and today symbolizes piety, but now they are trying not to mention it, since the flag is a secular symbolism, and not religious.

Black color – Symbol of strong mind and victory over enemies.

According to the ideas of many people, black symbolizes oil. Initially, Abdulu al-Maanach (author of the design) did not have such thoughts. In 1971, oil has already been mined here, but no one has not yet aware of what the wealth of oil will bring the Arab Emirates.

Flag of the UAE

Flag of President of the UAE

It looks the same as the national, but in the center of the White Strip depicted the coat of arms of the UAE. See the picture on the right.

He is raised only in the presence of the President of the UAE. About the president and other sheikhs, read our detailed article "Rules of the Arab Emirates".

Civil flag of the UAE

Used by civil courts and in terrestrial civilian objects. Most often, civil and state flags coincide. In the UAE civil differs.

Red. In the canton (top left quarter) there is a state flag of the UAE, which is separated from the main red part with a white frame.

Flags seven Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is the Union of Seven Emirates (seven kingdoms). 6 of 7 Emirates have their flags. Only Emirate Fujair since 1976 refused to favor the national flag of the UAE.

All flags of Emirates red and white. Initially, all the emirates used a simple red rectangle, symbolizing the tribute and devotion to the prophet Muhammad.

However, in the 1820s, the Emirates signed defensive agreements with the United Kingdom. Under the terms of the contracts, the emirates added white elements on their flags to distinguish their ships from pirate courts.

Flags of the Emirates Dubai and Ajman are the same. Red with white stripe left.

Abu Dhabi Red Emirate flag with white rectangle in the upper left corner.

Flags of the Emirates of Sharjah and Ras Al-Heim’s identical. This is not surprising, because the emirates are ruled by representatives of the same family al-Qasimi. Big red rectangle on white background.

Flag of Emirates Umm Al-Kuwaine has on a red background narrow white strip on the left and symbol of a star and a crescent of white.

Fujairah Emirate flag until 1976 completely red with white inscription with emirate title.

Day of the National Flag

From 2013 to the UAE there is a holiday – the day of the National Flag. Celebrated November 3. About all holidays in the UAE read in our article "Holidays in the UAE".

Have a good holiday in the UAE, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

Flag of the UAE

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