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Fjords &# 8212; Business card of tourist Norway. Fjords &# 8212; These are narrow, long and winding sea bays, which are cut deep into land. Fjords landscapes are very picturesque and unique. Traveling on Fiordam &# 8212; Experience perfectly special, combining outdoor activities on water and pedestrian tourism.

Village on the shore of Sognefjord. Photo Credit: Ken Barley, Flickr

Norwegian fjords can be viewed within day cruises from large tourist cities (from Bergen, Alesund, Oslo, Stavanger). However, a more interesting way to get acquainted with fjords and the Norwegian outback &# 8212; This is a trip with stops in small villages located in the fjords region.

Fjord region

Fjord region stretches from north to south along the western coast of Norway. In the region more than 90 small and large fjords. C Point of view of traveling the most picturesque and interesting are Gerangerfjord in the north, Sognefjord in the central part of the west coast and Lyus Fjord in the south.

From the point of view of travel, the fjords region can be divided into three parts: Aalesund and Northwestern fjords, Bergen and Western fjords, part of the south of Norway.


Heiangerger Fjord &# 8212; One of the most picturesque fjords of Norway, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The name of the fjord is owned by the village of Heiranger, located on the shores of Fjord. From the village in the mountains, many tourist trails are laid from which fantastic species on the fjord are opened. In the Geiranger region, you can also find a lot of old abandoned farms and magnificent waterfalls. The famous serpentine Trollstigen is on the way from Åndalsnes to Geiangerger.

Journey to the Geirangerfjord region (Geirangerfjord) can be combined with a visit to the charming Olesun, a picturesque Molde and atmospheric Christiansund.

Heiangerger. Photo Credit: Kenny Drew, Flickr

Nur Fjord

Nur-Fjord region (Nordfjord) is located a little south of Heirangerfjord and is attractive to the fact that several pretty easily accessible glacial sleeves are descended to it, in particular the largest Jostedalsbreen Glacier glacier. Water in Nur Fjord &# 8212; Turquoise color. You can admire the incredible types of Nurfjord with a panoramic road, which stretches along the fjord or during pedestrian or ledge. Rises on glaciers and summer skiing &# 8212; Among the most popular entertainment in the region. The fjord goes to the ocean in the Stadlandet Peninsula region, where you can find several excellent sirf points.

Nurfjord, Strin. Photo Credit: Oliver Herbold, Flickr

The coast of fjords

FjordKyten region is often called the coast of fjords, as it is located on the west coast of Norway. Travel along the coast of fjords &# 8212; A unique opportunity to explore the picturesque coast and fjords of Western Norway at the same time.

Landscape of the coast of fjords &# 8212; These are rocky shores and thousands of tiny islands and reefs. Kayaking and boating walks along the islands, large fishing, sea safaris and visiting fishing villages, as well as diving to old sunken ships &# 8212; popular holidays here.

Kayaking on Fjordskin PHOTO Credit: Visitnorway.Com, Flickr


Sunnfjord (Sunnfjord) is located close to Fjordsten deep into the coast, so travelers most often combine travel along the coast of fjords with visits to glaciers and sanfjord waterfalls. One of the sleeves of the largest JostedalsBreen Glacier glacier, as well as several other glaciers, is coming to Sanfjord. In the Sanfjord region is also located &# 171; country of waterfalls&# 187; Fosseheimen, which has more than 50 large and small waterfalls.

Hotels, Pensions, Cabins: Førde, Skei, Vassenden
How to get there: on the plane from Oslo and Bergen (Førde Airport); on the rented car from Bergen, Oslo, Strin; By bus from Strin, Bergen and Aalesund.

Autumn on Sanfjord. Photo Credit: Jørn Kleiva, Flickr


Sognefjord (sognefjord) – the longest fjord of Norway, the second largest after the Greenland Skorsbi. Sognefjord is 204 kilometers of amazing beauty and calm. Majestic mountains and glaciers along the fancy bending strip of mighty water and scenic settlements on the slopes of the mountains. All this beauty can be seen during the sea walk. The neighborhood of fjord is also very picturesque. Explore the surroundings can be stopped in one of the villages, such as Flam or Gudwangen. Kayaking, water safari, trekking, visiting the surrounding villages &# 8212; Incomplete list of how to spend time on Sognefjord.

Sognefjord. Photo Credit: Flavio Spugna, Flickr

Hardanger Fjord

Picturesque fjord, located near Bergen, in the heart of the fjord region. Hardanger Fjord (Hardangerfjord) is known, primarily its fruit gardens and the production of apple cider. This is one of the longest fjords of the world. The 158-meter road has been laid in the fjord region, with the status of the national tourist road, the mass of stops and view-Points in waterfalls, glaciers and picturesque panoramas.

Hardangerfjord. Photo Credit: Vins 64, Flickr


Okrafjord (Åkrafjord) &# 8212; A small little-known fjord located a little south of Hargandfjord. Here is the waterfall of Langfoss (Langfoss), which is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the world. In these places, except for cruises on fjord, fishing and pedestrian walks, a fairly specific experience is offered &# 8212; Safari tractor along fjord)

From the town of Etna, you can also organize a trekking on the FOLGEFON glacier (Folgefonna) or to visit the Folgeffe National Park independently.

Fjords Norway

Fishing overlooking the waterfall Langfoss, Okrafyard. Photo Credit: Kurt Misje, Flickr

Lose Fjord

Lose Fjord (Lysefjord) &# 8212; One of the most picturesque and deepest fjords of Norway. Luce Fjord is surrounded by huge rocky mountains that create dramatic and solidist landscapes.

The main attractions of Luce Fjord are huge, towering over the fjord of the rocks of the rocks and Kierag. Streckless &# 8212; Rock 600 meters high with a huge range of vertex, kierag &# 8212; The highest point of the mining plateau (1,100 meters), at the top of which you can find Kieragbolten &# 8212; A huge round stone stuck between two vertical walls of rocks at an altitude of 984 meters above Lyus Fjord.

Prákhestolene, Lucifjord. Photo Credit: Erik Jakobsson, Flickr

How to travel on fjords of Norway

The main thing is that it is necessary to take into account, planning a trip along the fjords, is that Norway’s fjords are not enough &# 171; come to see&# 187; (how do most bus tourists and inexperienced travelers). &# 171; View on fjords&# 187; &# 8212; it’s like that &# 171; View the sea&# 187;. Traveling along fjordam &# 8212; these are trekking in the mountains and / or along the fjords (and no matter, it is &# 8212; Two-hour light walk or complex 5-6 hour climb), kayaking, boat rides, cruises, fishing&# 8230; Do not deprive yourself the pleasure of knowing the real travel experience in fjords, in order to &# 171; see&# 187; More fjords. It is better to schedule a stop for 2-3 days on one fjord, than to try to see 2-3 fjord for 2-3 days.

You can highlight two ways to travel along the fjords of Norway. First &# 8212; This is a tour of public transport (trains, buses, ferries and boats) and the second &# 8212; Travel by car.

Journey through the fjords of Norway by public transport

Norwegian transport infrastructure developed amazing. Railway Norway connects Oslo with the North, Western and South Coast. Norwegian budget airlines connect the main tourist points of the country with remote cities / places. Large tourist towns and small villages in the fjords of interconnected bus and ferry. In addition, in the popular tourist regions developed combined routes linking the railway junctions bus service to the towns and villages on the fjord. Ferries and boats run regularly on all major fjords of Norway.

Travel by public transport is most conveniently between the popular tourist Norway points. Tickets for long distances (train, aircraft) should be reserved in advance, tickets for the bus / ferry / boat / local train you can buy on the spot.

In all towns there are tourist tour offices where you can take the map, find out about local attractions, rent a bike / kayak / boat tours to buy tickets for the boat / bus and etc.

Journey Fjord Norway by car

The car offers a lot of opportunities for independent travelers. Travel by car will cost, probably cheaper, plus you will have the opportunity to independently without reference to local tours and attractions to visit remote twist-points. Norway has developed 18 tourist routes auto-status &# 171; national tourist roads&# 187; with twist-Point and organized parking lot of natural attractions.

Distances in Norway is very impressive, and the sights on the way &# 8212; million, so it’s best to choose a week-long trip region or one / two national roads, rather than trying to drive a car all the main attractions of the country.

Vehicles can be rented in advance online and pick up at the airport upon arrival (for rent available in all major cities of Norway) and back to return. Compare all the available offers, choose the appropriate option, or just find out the prices and terms of the lease, you can, by using the search service for the best deals: Rent a car

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