Five wild finds for fashionista

The first beads who wore our ancestors 90,000 years ago, consisted of three leaky shells. And yes, the beads themselves — Perhaps the first decoration in history. From here, apparently, there is such a passion. Yesterday Today Tomorrow. All women have land.

But no one ever loved «Beads» as residents of Africa. Colonizers called them Slave Beads — «slave money», or, more correctly, «Trade beads». For these European glass, in fact, bought all Africa. Exchange them on elephant bone, palm oil, gold and, of course, on slaves. The number and quality of beads for many African tribes today — The status indicator of their owner.

Five wild finds for fashionista

Multicolored African Necklaces, Eyes Eye and Female Feelings In general, and breed beads Samburu — in particular. Multilayer nanis — Important and indispensable detail of traditional samburu. Ornaments on beads symbolize power or witchcraft ability. Well, or just for beauty. And beauty really — it would be better, but nowhere. I would put on the summer, and you?

More modest were the necklaces from North American Indians. From fish vertebrae or sliced ‚Äč‚Äčenemies. Calmly — They are not suggested. But Brestplates and Chokers (Vampum — Beads, tightly tight necks in one or two tiers) of bones and skin of animals, metal and glass beads or shells — just right. The Indians, however, were imposed with their help not so much aesthetic beauty as mental. They had a sacred meaning and served by combat armor, protecting the chest of brave commander from enemy arrows. And for us — Just beautiful I «Bocho-stylish».

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