Five "whales" Oman

Never get tired of looking at fire, water and sky, on which clouds float. If we replace the fire on the heat breathable sands of the desert and add picturesque oasis and ancient monuments to the list, then you are Oman.

From the side of the aircraft East of the Arabian Peninsula resembles a mock of crafted paper. Light haze and brown folded mountains, highway cutting valley, car disconnection, semi-plated sand, machines, more similar to beetles. When renting to Muscat, a sea, bizarre artificial bay and bright green golf courses appear. Oman – a country of contrasts.


From here I went in swimming Sinbad-Sea – the rules of the legendary Queen Sava. "Tales of a thousand and one night" float in the head, when you find yourself in the medieval city of Sur, inspect the ancient fortresses or wander around the market of the old capital of Oman.

Before the opening of the Suez Canal Sur was one of the main trading centers of the Middle East and is known for its traditions of shipbuilding. Famous boats dough and are now visible in the bay. Earlier on such ships, goods were brought in China, India, Iraq and Zanzibar. In addition, the court used pearl catchers. With the Bridge of Choj Al-Bata opens an impressive panorama for the port and guard towers. The road leading along the coast of the Oman Gulf, rather picturesque, in the background there are mountains of Hajar, the government buildings of the province of Esch-Sharcia with the islands of greenery, and the fabulous atmosphere of the East supports intricate street lights.

Low – the capital of Oman in the VI-VII centuries, the place of origin of Islam in the Sultanate and the historical place of study. The center of attraction today is the authentic city market in the art of the Old Town, which is not difficult to guess the surrounding wall. Skinny cats roam here, silver sold on the weight, and the smells of incense are mixed with cinnamon and cardamom aromas. Travel, even if you do not know how – you are in the east!

Not far from the city of Bakhl, on the background of the mountain Jebel-Akhdar, the castle rises Jarbrins, The most beautiful in all Oman. It was built at the end of the XVII century at the order of Imam Biliarab Bin Sultan, the patron saint of science and art. In the labyrinth halls and stairs it is not difficult to get lost. There are foster and personal rest, secret rooms, warehouses, library, madrasas and even two prisons: men’s and women’s. The most famous hall wears the name of the Moon and the Sun. Its windows are designed so that it is not hot and not cold, and the room has always been illuminated: or daylight, or night. On the roof – the playground with a view of the valley.

A separate trip deserves a mountain town Misfat Al Abreyne. Grinding huts in a typical Yemen style here are adjacent to the buildings of modern buildings, but together they do not violate architectural harmony. Narrow winding streets, intersecting, lead up, then down, behind the ladder with stone steps you can wait for an oasis with dick palm trees, and on the trunk of one of them will be pinned the name "B&B – there "so that the long-awaited guest is definitely not lost. Other turns may have to give way to a donkey, reed bales with cane. The eyes will mark the details: a carved lantern, a door with bright geometric patterns, a stone, polished by thousands of legs. Very authentic.



Word "Water" is consonant with the word "Wadi". Wadi can be a roaring stream flowing from the mountains during the rains, and it may be bizarrely sharpened in the rocks of a canyon with turquoise water, on the shores of which the banana plantations and bushes of pink oleander are found. In transparent water, the yard fish Garra-Rufa, who will readily make the peeling of your heels, are just to go into the water.

Two most famous reservoirs: Wadi Bani-Khalid and Vadi Sharab. Shaab – Waterfall in the cave, you can only get to it. The entrance to the cave is quite narrow, during high water will have to even come. But the spectacle is worth. The sun rays fall from somewhere on top, highlighting semicircular arches, and staining the thickness of the water in an unreal emerald color.

In Oman, you always have to be bottled water, sunscreen and headdress. On the road to Wadi, you can take a wet towel or scarf to cool the neck and refresh the face. A closed bathing suit or a pareo and a waterproof case for equipment are also needed.

Another Must-Visit Oman is the so-called Well Bimma (Arabic Hawiyyat Najm, "Falling Star", which is associated with the legend of its origin). It is literally a reservoir under the ground to which a long cool staircase leads. Around the garden with arbors, magnolia and hibiscus.

And of course, Oman is the sea. The length of the coastline – 2000 km. Beaches here are sandy, jellyfish and other reptiles. But you can make a seashells and admire the odd cribs, and if you are lucky, dolphins will seem in the waves. To the services of holidaymakers skating and snorkeling. Resting nuances depend on hotels, among which there are both budget and "five +" with a huge green area with parrots and peacocks, abundance of pools and their own beaches.


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