Five things you need to know before traveling to Singapore with a child

Singapore – a good place for family holidays. But before sitting on the plane and go to the city of Leo, it is necessary to study 5 aspects that will help prepare for the trip and do not turn your vacation in a nightmare. Tourists underestimate Singapore and most often Attend the city for a maximum of 1-2 days. But in order to find out better, it is recommended to stay in it for a week. Yes, this is not a joke – a week in Singapore with children, and you will not have a minute to miss.

Planning a trip to Singapore

Initially, tourists are planning to visit Singapore passage. Inspect the sights and have time to relax in other cities. As a result of the city So attracts, that even one week is missing to inspect. Even in advance the scheduled list of excursions turns out to be storm compared to what offers its guests Singapore.

There are many interesting places and attractions, including children. You will not have time to miss. But planning a trip, it is important to consider several important aspects.


Singapore is not close. As there are no direct flights to the city, do not be ready for transfers. Travel will take a lot of time and effort. Take care of preparation carefully. Do not be lazy to check the luggage again, as it often happens that many things are simply forgotten. If you fly with children, be sure to go on the road, because the flight will take more than 10 hours.

When planning a suitable way of movement, keep in mind all the risks and select the best docking message. The best thing stay at the night flight, so that the children on the road are poured and easier moved a long way. Check out the offers of several airlines that choose the best deal in price-quality ratio.

Upon arrival in the city you can use the services of Uber or subway. The subway works fine, there are places for children’s wheelchairs and places for children. You can order a car through the Uber application, but expect transport will have to be somewhat longer than the subway.


Tropical climate prevails in Singapore. This means that now there is warm, wet and rainy. Air humidity is so high, that people who are not accustomed to such climate takes some time on adaptation. This applies not only to adults, but also children.

Fortunately, there are many places with air conditioning where you can cool and relax, but if you plan to actively spend the whole day on the street, stock water, sunglasses and headdresses. Since the precipitation here falls often, Do not forget to take an umbrella. Many low-cost cafes, restaurants, fast food courts, where at any time you can stay, drink fresh juices and cool drinks.

Local food

The choice of institutions and pubs on the territory is huge. Of course, Asian cuisine is dominated in Singapore, but you can find European restaurants, fast foods. Most often tourists stop in Food courts – special rooms with tables and chairs, where you can order food in one of the numerous nearby bars. It is very convenient, as it allows you to order dishes of different cuisine, saves time and money. Ordered food is allowed to carry. The only minus is the lack of chairs for children.

If you are not familiar with the dishes of Asian cuisine, better try delicacies gradually. For those who prefer homemade kitchen, Regular supermarkets and local markets. Shopping centers have large stores with a large selection of goods for children.

Entertainment for the whole family

Five things you need to know before traveling to Singapore with a child

In Singapore, many entertainment places not only for adults, but also children. For example, tourists are often visited by a large tropical park "Gardens at the Bay", which pleases visitors with incredible futuristic landscapes. Here you will find Many children’s attractions, Playgrounds, Special Exhibitions and Installations. In the evening, a "Garden Rhapsody" show is held, which allows in a fabulous setting to enjoy a stunning game of light and music.

In fact, each of the visited seats will leave Unforgettable impressions Not only in adults, but also children:

  • Cloud forest;
  • Singapore zoo;
  • Marina Bay;
  • Chinese and Indian district;
  • Entertainment island of Satonza with amusement park and aquarium.

In Singapore there are many water playgrounds, so do not forget to take bathing suits with you.

Clean, silence, safety

Singapore is striking with its purity, which is not surprising, because large fines are imposed for garbage. There are many prohibitions in the country, as a result you fall into a safe, well-organized city with clean and neat streets. So going on the journey, You can not worry about your safety. There are no thieves and fraudsters, the locals are serious about the rules of etiquette. This is a very discreet people who relate to others with respect and tries to live so that it does not interfere with anyone.


Singapore – a great place to stay with the whole family. City, like a time machine, transfers you to the future. But, despite high technologies, nature and man get along here. The island is an amazing tourist area, providing versatile rest. There is everything here in order to greatly relax with the whole family: a rich history, unique attractions, clean beaches, interesting cuisine. This is a city where you will not want to leave. The main thing is to carefully prepare for the trip, considering all the above-mentioned tips.

Five things you need to know before traveling to Singapore with a child

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