Five-star steep over Monaco

Flight from the airport to the hotel at a helicopter, a unique location on a high rock with a view of Monte Carlo and a swimming pool with a springboard. Nothing? This provides its guests not every five-star hotel in the French Cote d’Azur. A hotel "Vista Palace" In the town of Cap-Martin, near the border with the Principality of Monaco, offers all of the above and even more.

In September "Vista Palace", Particularly included in the German system of luxury hotels "Grundig", offers guests sightseeing program "Culture and History" For four days. Even those rare signs of the azure coast, to whom Nice and Cannes are already tired, this program is able to surprise and please.

Costs "Culture and History" – eight.300 francs (about $ 1.400). The price includes accommodation, food, except for drinking, and entertainment. Those who buys this program, the hotel provides a suite overlooking the sea. "Vista Palace" So highly located on the rock, which we hold the day from the windows of the rooms is visible almost the banks of Africa.

In the evening, the hotel guests will be invited to the presentation and a festive dinner at Le Cabaret du Casino in Monte Carlo. The usual way to get to the show in Le Cabaret is difficult – the tickets must be ordered by mail in two weeks. The entrance to the show is allowed to men only in black frishes, and ladies – in evening dresses. If some guest forgot to capture a frag, butterfly and English shoes with laces, covered with silk from the house, is not scary. "Vista Palace" decides for guests all problems. Sleep outfit hotel will give a guest for rent.

The next morning, guests expect a cognitive excursion to the most pretty village of the Cote d’Azur. Excursion will be carried out not by bus, but on a limousine, with a personal guide driver. The driver, except for his native French and English, does not own foreign languages. However, when the limousine, barely focused on the turns of the mountain serpentine, the tourists are lucky along the seashore, no clarification and will not be required. Right sea, left – palm trees, mountains and villages with medieval cathedrals. On both sides, everything is so beautiful that words are not needed.

In one village, on the terrace, hanging over the sea, travelers are waiting for lunch in a rustic restaurant: with a goosebie "foie gras", With Marseille Soup "boayose" From the freshest small fish and an abundant choice of provencal cheeses. Wines will serve the most exquisite. The most important thing is not to wait for the account. Lunch has already been paid and included in the cost of the program.

Five-star steep over Monaco

Returning to B "Vista Palace", You can go inspect the palaces and museums Monte Carlo. You can go down on foot in an hour. And return to the hotel need to taxi. It’s not climbing on such a wagge.

In the lobby of the hotel on the cream piano quietly guys a virtuoso pianist, always the same. The receptionist says that the musician has been fighting, offering any money, Parisian Grande Opera. But he did not leave "Vista Palace". And this is understandable.

"Vista Palace" such a rare hotel, where does not want to leave anywhere anywhere. Even to prevent extra money in the neighborhood, in Montte Carlo casino.

Five-star steep over Monaco

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