Five-star hotel in India spreads fish to survive

Coronacrizis makes even fashionable hotels radically change the sphere of their activities. Indian Hotel Laksher Class «Aveda Resort» Transformed his chic pool to fish farm.

When it became clear that, due to the lack of tourists, the hotel was on the verge of financial collapse, her leadership arranged a brainstorming among employees. As it turned out, the resort solution to the resort hotel was lying on the surface. The thing is that the recreation facility has, perhaps, the best in the Indian state of Kerala by the pool. It is so huge (has a volume of 7.5 million. liters) that is capable of becoming a fish farm.

Five-star hotel in India spreads fish to survive

– We thought about the alternative and offered this temporary measure – explains the origins of the idea of ​​the general director «Aveda Resort» Giotish Surendran. But since the hotel still has a luxury status, the pool launched a non-some kind of banal cod, and a pearl spot fish. This very expensive kind of fish: it is incredibly tasty, but a separate copy grows up to 200-250 gr.

The chic pool was released about 16 thousand. Malkov, fattening which the hotel is already plans to earn 28 thousand by November. dollars. Moreover, the idea of ​​fish farming has inspired local leadership that in the future it is planned to build a real fish farm nearby from the hotel. Invaluable experience gained in quarantine conditions will allow the resort to get a reliable and permanent source of income, confident in the Directorate «Aveda Resort».

Five-star hotel in India spreads fish to survive

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