Five solid cities in Turkey

Istanbul is considered the unofficial center of Turkey, her historical and cultural pearl. Is the only city in the world that is at the same time in two continents. An unusual look causes shock to admiration. Istanbul is City of contrasts: It gets around the latest buildings and historical memos, impregnated with the Eastern Spirit, bright showcases of the end centers and traditional bazaars, a crowded area Sultanahmet and calm area kuzgundzhuk.


Kemer is recognized as one of their best beach resorts in Turkey, compressed between the Tauridious Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Once this city was an ordinary fishing village. But over time, elegant hotels with fascinating gardens. Orange trees grow on each Kemer Street. On the edge of the city there is a pomegranate garden, breathtaking in tourists. Kemer Like sinking in colors and odors. There is also a clear sea where it is possible to swim until November, and the ridges of the rocks, colorfully descending to the shore.

Side is located on the southern part of Turkey, 80 km from Antalya. It is impressive by long sandy beaches, developed hotel business, Active main street, Along which shops, bars, cafes and restaurants are located.

Sydney was originally developed as a resort city since ancient times. Rumoring, Cleopatra and Marco Anthony were visited here. From ancient Rome and Byzantium An interesting vintage city remained, which is on cape. Not far from the resort are the ruins of old cities Perge and Aspandos, also a delightful waterfall of Manavgat.


White houses with red roofs, excreted by pink plants, stand out in blue water. In the background of this beauty Located white rocks, Diluted with forests of forest arrays. All this marmaris at the Aegean coast. This place does not know the scorching heat and non-gentle winds. The coast of the coast is smooth and quiet, for which the city especially love tourists with families.

Five solid cities in Turkey

Marmaris Popular Place for Rest Fans on the Beach and Party Equally Nights. The most famous urban street bar Street. She is famous abundance of bars and discos, where alcohol and music provide an incendiary environment.


Previously, Fethiye was called Tel Machin, and was the gate of the Lycian kingdom. Now it is a wonderful resort where modernity and traditions are intertwined. On the descent of nearby hills remained Tomb of the Lycons and the Fortress of Crusaders. The resort center is a great harbor with white yachts. Orange gardens, passing into pine groves spread out. Local air is impregnated with happiness, sun and carelessness.

In the city of tourists awaits unhurried, relaxing holidays on many beaches, where we are glad to each guest. For those who do not want to idle, there is an opportunity to do diving or surfing, driving a yacht, master parophane.

Five solid cities in Turkey

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