Five sights of the Gavra

The exposure of the museum is impressive by the number of picturesque masterpieces, which created the famous Impressionistic Style Professionals. MUMA is considered one from the largest museums not only countries, but also all of Europe. The museum is named after Andre Malro &# 8211; Minister of Culture in 1961. Thanks to him, the collection of the Government was replenished and was granted to the public. The Museum of Contemporary Art was the first huge museum, which was erected and opened in France after the war. His organizational plan was a project part of the reconstruction of the city.

Saint-Joseph Church

Church of St. Joseph – this is one of the most valuable buildings of the city. She has one central tower that In height reaches 107 meters. Local call church main city lamp. The tower acts as a lighthouse and in practice helps to navigate the courts that sail to the harbor.

Gavrian Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Gold is made in a classic style. Received the status of the Cathedral in 1974, after the creation of the Diocese of the Gavra. Cathedral Notre Dam-du-Gavr – One of the few historic buildings, who survived after bombardment during World War II. Also, the cathedral is the oldest building in the city. Began to build it at the beginning of the XVI century.

Notre Dam-dm-Gavre Cathedral extremely fits and combines with urban modern buildings. This compliance is merit capable masters Perre. He did not just retain the inheritance of the ancestors, but also perfectly in the ancient attraction in his views on beautiful and great.

House of Shipowner

Another historic building that bypassed military ruin, referred to as the house of the shipowner. It was built in the XVIII century on the instructions of a notable Gavra family, which was engaged in the construction of ships and transportation by sea.

Five sights of the Gavra

The architectural monument is a mansion in five floors. His roof is partly blocked by a glass dome. In the premises are initial interior items, which decorated housing family owner of ships: furniture, lighting sources, jewelry, carpets and paintings.

Town Hall of Harre

Another architectural masterpiece of Auguste Perez – Town Hall. You can see the view of the city and its surroundings. The construction itself is on Gavrian Town Hall Square – one and most huge areas in the country.

Town Hall is an excellent example Modern style, which was popular in the middle of the twentieth century. The tower is used as a surveillance site, and its height is 60 meters. Previously, the building was administrative, but now the museum is opened in the town hall. The exposition of which narrates about the history of the city. On the stands, documents and photos are saved on the most important incidents that occurred in Havre and Normandy for several centuries of their existence.

Five sights of the Gavra

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