Five resorts of Switzerland, in which it is impossible not to fall in love

Switzerland is good at any time of the year. Her colorful cities and small cozy villages are always ready to take tourists to their arms. These five resorts of Switzerland will make you fall in love with the country of mountains and chocolate.


One of the richest sights of cities of the country. Walk through the symbol of alfalfa – the wooden bridge of Kapelbrücke across the river and admire the paintings under his roof reflecting the history of the city.

Along the banks of the river Royce The construction of past centuries extended with their beautiful and well-kept gardens. Visit the Museum of the Great Composer Richard Wagner And stroll According to the Reserve Entlebukh. Look at his most picturesque places. In Lucerne, many bridges, churches and museums. And, of course, there are mountains. High and majestic.


Arriving in Zurich, you will find yourself in Bahnhofstrasse. From this street and it is worth starting familiarizing with the city. Here you can only move on foot or by tram. In the summer in Bahnhofsstraße linden flowers, a Festive atmosphere reigns in winter And everywhere flickering multicolored garlands.

Be sure to visit Cathedral Fraumyunster. Previously, it was a female monastery. Now tourists can be logged in and enjoying delicious Stained glass Mark Shagala and the magnitude of the building.

But the main symbol of Zurich is Grossmünster. It is a beautiful church made in Romanesque style. Another important attraction of the city is the Church of St. Peter and the Lindenhof’s observation deck, from which you can see the lakes and the Alps.


First of all go to the old town to stroll through Burg de Four. After all, it is from this area that begins a trip to the most important city attractions.

In Geneva is located The most powerful fountain worldwide. His height is 147 meters. This is a real miracle of the same lake. Disconnect it except for severe frosts.

Do not miss at your excursion in Geneva Basilica Notre Dame. In the Gothic Building there is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary, created from the White Stone.

In Geneva, a huge number of museums. But the most beautiful natural attraction of the city is the Lake Geneva, reminiscent of the shape of the Crescent. And admire the beauty of plants, you can walk along a huge botanical garden with a lot of cacti.

Five resorts of Switzerland, in which it is impossible not to fall in love

Stein am-Rynen

Real fabulous town with a population of just over 3000 inhabitants. Here every street, each house plunges into the magic atmosphere, filling the impressions.

Among the medieval buildings and fluffy greenery is the main attraction of the city – Monastery of St. George. It was built in the 12th century. But now perfectly preserved. Here is located Museum of History and Crafts.

Not far from the city is located on the banks of the Rhine Castle Heenclingen. Be sure to visit this incredible place. In general, the whole stein-am-ray – a whole fairy tale from which not only children will be delighted, but also adults.

Vintage streets and amazing galleries, old city and passenger – all this resembles a medieval city. In Bern, you will see the most unusual fountains. For example, there is Fountain "Eater Children", Which often scare naughty boys and girls. Be sure to visit the Bear Park to see his closure inhabitants who are the symbol of Bern.

Go through the botanical garden and plunge into the floral fragrance in the rose garden. Visit the numerous museums and churches of the city, touch the story by going to the clock tower Cytglogge. This watch for more than 500 years. And on them still twist the time.

Switzerland – a country with a large history and a lot of delightful attractions. It is impossible not to fall in love with it.

Five resorts of Switzerland, in which it is impossible not to fall in love

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