Five reasons to look at Madeira

The perfect vacation on the island is not only the waves of the bright azure color "pull-eye", snow-white sand, an exotic cocktail in the midst of coconut and a plumbing fool on the beach under the hot sun.

Perhaps someone chooses the harsh Nordic beauty of the cool sea and steep mountains. We are talking about Madeira – Portuguese island, where the climate is moderate, and the temperature does not rise above +25. What manits tourists to this, at first glance, an incredible place?

The highest observation deck on Cape Cape Zhirao

Climb about 600 meters above sea level, and look down – what? Climbing on the Rock Cabo Zhirao It is necessary independently, its own legs are higher and higher. No lifting.

But the view from the transparent glass balcony is to get caught. If, of course, you have no height fear.

Black sand beaches

In the north of the island, the sea is washes the coast of volcanic origin, the sand is black.

And there are many big boulders there, which complement the lava natural pools. And if you are afraid to swim in the open sea, you can sprawl in the "Floa" from frozen volcanic eruptions.

Walking in Levadam

This is something extreme ecotourism. If you want to shake, admire the nature of the island, study the surroundings and get a share of physical activity, then forward to Levada.

To give the excessive rain sediments somewhere, many centuries on the island dredited and shed stone tunnels and canals for collecting water. These works were performed mainly manually and took a lot of human lives.

Five reasons to look at Madeira

But the result was very picturesque and impressive landscapes.


Mountaineering is resting. To get to some beautiful vertical stream, you need to go well and climb-clog-climmer.

But but when you finally get to these omnissal waterfalls, it will seem to you that you are either at the other end of the world or even in paradise.

Fishing on the ship

Another men’s entertainment. And if the ladies also love to catch fish, then female. Madeira is a real fish klondike and a fisherman’s dream! What you just do not pull out from Portuguese Waters: Tuna, Fish Sword, Marlinov, Saber and Other Yellow.

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