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Bali Island is a place where the virgin southern nature, gossy with the traditions of local residents, creates a special atmosphere – the atmosphere of a permanent holiday, paradise life, lightness and eternal summer.

Cause First – Traditions

To visit Bali not to see the Balinese dance is a crime. For the study of the art of Leveling of the dancers spend 5-7 years. They learn not only to mechanically perform movements, but every look, every look of hands as accurately convey the features of Hindu beliefs and customs. Reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts Recommended Be sure to look at this art.

Ceremonies and ceremonies are held on Bali daily. Sparkling silk, universally scattered and flying petals of flowers, fruit pyramids – all this fascinates tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts and turns every day spent here on holiday.

Also tourists will be interested to see how the day of silence on Bali and Chinese New Year celebrate here.

Reason Second – Island Nature

Indonesian Bali Island is:

  • huge rice fields hiding in green hills;
  • palm trees swing under the south sun;
  • Street up volcanoes Agung and Battur;
  • Sacred Canyons and Secret Gardens in Sumbangan.

And, of course, the water of the Azure Indian Ocean and calmly rolling its waves of the Balinese Sea bring an unforgettable impressions to tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts. The virgin nature here retained her charm, not to admire which is simply impossible. Do not forget to visit Angel’s Billabong – amazingly beautiful natural pool with fully transparent water, emerald bottom and unique marine inhabitants.

Five reasons to go to Bali from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - Bali, Indonesia Blogs and Travel Notes

Cause Third – Unique Kitchen

Kitchen Bali is a separate story. Gourmet here there is where to raise. Spices that grow on huge plantations are not sick under the sun, and subsequently give all their own fragrance, their spice and fortress with a finished dish. For you in restaurants can prepare meat, fish, seafood in local recipes. Vegetarians here will open for themselves culinary masterpieces from vegetables, exotic fruits and emerald greenery.

For reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts in every bench Varung you will also be waiting for unusually fresh, original, fragrant dishes.

The reason is the fourth – special, nothing with anything is incomparable infrastructure

Most of the districts of Bali are a calm and measured life where there is no rapid energy and constantly hurrying somewhere. But the tourist zone is a few streets decorated with colorful hotels, cozy restaurants, huge shops. In each such quarter there are fashionable spa centers with classic Balinese massages, wraps, water treatments. This is a complete reboot of your body.

Can not say about clubs. You can start entertainment in any open-air café, and then, rushing in Kut, get to clubs, where DJs from all over the world, the most popular tracks.

Cause Fifth – rest for all and everyone!

On Bali you can do diving and surfing. Sea expanses and water of the Indian Ocean allow personch to make sure in the delights of the local water area.

For a relaxing family holidays, Arrow Hotels and Resorts here are also a lot of opportunities. Those who are interested in history must definitely go to Ubud – spiritual and inimitable center of the island, a place where you begin to realize what harmony is. You also need to see your own eyes sights like:

  • Architectural and park complex Tirta Gangga with phones and channels, with hundreds of bridges and a water palace Dwong;
  • Museum of Indonesian painting Agung Rai;
  • Standing on a rock in the water water area of ​​Pura Tanah Lot;
  • Ancient cave temple Goa Gadzha.

And for children and teenagers, Bali prepared her gifts. For them, the Waterbom Bali water park is built here with hundreds of pools, attractions and tropical forests around, bird park in Ubud, an extensive modern game center in Seminyak and many other entertainment complexes.

Bali Island is a heavenly corner in which Arrow Hotels and Resorts recommends visiting. At least in order to realize what the real tourist center should be – rich in its traditions, natural landscapes and gifts, equipped in a modern manner, but with the preservation of true Balinese culture.

Five reasons to go to Bali from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - Bali, Indonesia Blogs and Travel Notes

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