Five reasons for which you can withdraw from flight

From the aircraft, not only candid rowers are planted, after a bottle of vodka requiring the crew – «give charger». There may be reason for this, at first glance, quite innocuous situations we will talk about in this material.

1. Failure to follow the instructions of stewardess and pilots

There is a lot of precedents when passengers indicated «with output» For the unauthorized occupation of the place, which is interesting on the ticket and malicious refusal to transplane. According to aviation instructions, any non-fulfillment of the indication of crew members may lead to a conclusion from the aircraft. If, in response to the requirement for the placement of hand-made bags, start emotionally to scandal, the chances of removing from the flight are raised sharply.

2. Violation of the rules of behavior in the cabin

In the language of jurisprudence, such an action is referred to as «Inappropriate behavior». It can be expressed in high-profile shouts, laugh, singing, accepting obscene poses and other steps that cause irritation of passengers. If acts have signs of hooliganism, a person can cancel a travel document, impose a fine to 5 thousand. USD, And in particularly shining cases – Send to arrest for 15 days.

3. Painful view

It would seem to whom it is to the color of the face of a person? But it is on Earth, and in the air completely different laws. The fact is that the rise and landing is accompanied by pressure drops, and in the case of an attack, a professional doctor in the cabin may not be. That’s why – There are no discontinuities when the flight does not allow persons with obvious signs of obesity, allergies or colds. Some airlines even remove from women’s flights in the last months of pregnancy.

Five reasons for which you can withdraw from flight

4. Property damage and creation of obstacles

There were cases when fleeishes were filmed from the flights, which were in the liner, immediately began to try on life jackets and inadequately reacted to the comments of the stewardess. Return to the airport may be for breaking the shutters of the portholes, chairs and folding tables. The same punishment is waiting for the passenger for placing things in the aisles and near emergency exits, of course, if the client flatly refuses «Clean your suitcase».

5. Jokes about terrorist attacks on board

Better not even try to shine withered on this topic while on board the aircraft. In response, it would seem, a harmless Hochma about a bomb in the bastard, the passenger can not only take off from the flight, but also finish the gigantic amount of 200 thousand. USD Airlines are extremely serious about security on board and jokes about explosions qualify as false reports on acts of terrorism. For them may even be brought to criminal responsibility. 207 of the Criminal Code, after which the trip to the resort is really remembered for life.

Five reasons for which you can withdraw from flight

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