Five reasons do not take men

According to TripAdvisor’s research, 29% of our women ride rest alone. For comparison, it is 4% more than in Italy, and 15% more than in France. The third of our compatriots go on a trip to the company of girlfriends. 32% of them are going to the female company, as there is no man nearby, and 22% – because his friends share their interests and they can relax "on the same wave". It is not surprising that in such a situation there is constantly expanding the range of tours "Women only".

Lonely woman wants to meet

According to Rosstat, in Russia, women are 10 million more than men. Desperate to find a couple in your country, many of our compatriots are looking for her husband abroad. Not everyone boldly rushes to look for a life satellite on the Internet, many are simply afraid of virtual dating. Especially for them are organized flirting tours. The girls go to a party that can pass both on the motherland of the potential groom and in neutral territory. For example, on the solar resorts of the Red or Mediterranean Seas. A distinctive feature of such parties is that they are going to exclusively free men and women who are looking for a couple. As a rule, with the most serious intentions.

Irina, 45 years

Two years ago I went for a dating in Spain. At that time, divorced her husband, was in a terrible depression, the son just finished school and went to study in Moscow. It remained quite alone. At the same time I came across the Internet for a message – a group of women from 35 to 45 years is going to a trip to a meeting with Spanish men. And the age of men and social status were quite serious. Why, I think, do not go, do not talk. Bribed the fact that the group was translator. Always feared random dating in the resorts, was afraid to relax one, and in the organized group is not so scary. 12 women from Russia gathered. We arrived in Barcelona, ​​where we had a meeting with local men, the so-called flirt party. Everyone was very decent, funny, sociable. Became acquainted with a very interesting man, he spoke well in English, a very educated person, teacher. Still rewrite, sometimes I go to visit him. Called married, but I’m afraid to leave. Still someone else’s country. But then the journey was unforgettable. Returned to another person. Again felt like a woman.

Men input is revealed

It happens that women for different reasons just want to take a break from representatives of strong sex. Someone is hard to even look at men after a painful divorce, someone is tired of unnecessary male attention, and some just scary to travel alone. For such tourists, travel trips in women’s groups. They can stop in special women’s hotels, where there are simply no men. Such hotels are opening around worldwide – from Spain and Germany to Saudi Arabia and Canada. In addition, in many countries, including in Russia, women’s coupe are created in trains. Women’s taxi with women drivers is very popular. Often, cars can be specifically painted – for example, in pink.

Together with attacks, you can go hiking around the neighborhoods of Baikal or go to conquer the mountain peaks. At the same time, the route and the load will take into account the features of the female organism.

Mother’s daughters

According to the 2010 census, in Russia, more than 5 million women are growing a child without a man. And many of them are concerned about the question: how to go on vacation one with a small child? Easy, especially if only lonely moms with children will be in your group. Sometimes there are grandmothers. The group can recruit both mothers with children of different ages and peers. For example, the most popular restrictions – up to two and a half years or up to four years.

Five reasons do not take men

In such a trip, there will be no problem with whom to leave the child, if you suddenly have to take a briefly. In the tour program, developing children with teachers, swimming lessons and special animation may be included. While children play, moms can relax a little alone or just gicked up in a cafe for a cup of tea.

A rare man will attracted the opportunity to drive on a carriage of the princess. And probably, you should not torment the strong floor. But the female team from Mom and his daughter can visit the fabulous Austria and take a trip to the princesses of Princess Sisi. Quietly, without watching the oily mines of the spouse, to inspect the numerous palaces and imperial bakery, and also taste your favorite princess delicacy – candied petals of violets

Go shopping

Another high argument does not take men with you – a journey with the purpose of shopping. The geography of women’s shopping tours is not limited to Milan and Paris. Contrary to popular belief in China, you can buy not only cheap, but also very high-quality things. There are shopping tours to India, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. There you can purchase a wide variety of jewelry, clothing from unusual bright fabrics, dresses with ethnic flavor and many different things of the work of local artisans. Such travels allow us to combine shopping therapy with beautiful beach holidays. However, in Europe now also develop new routes for women. Now here you can combine shopping travel with fascinating excursions to perfumery factories and cosmetics production factories.

Cut beauty

Since the spouses usually do not like to watch their wives with cucumbers in their eyes, mask on the face and in a bad mood because of the dietary malnutrition, many ladies are preferred in the women’s team. Miraculous mud, seaweed, medical starvation, treatment with leeches – do not understand men, and women are useful. Yes, and non-leeches are uniform – during the recreation travel, you can in the literal sense of the word to feel the flavor of different countries. In Turkey, the program includes Hammam – Turkish bath, in Thailand – Thai massage, and in India – acupuncture. In France, you can enjoy winerapy, and in Germany, resorts with beer spa treatments flourish.

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