Five places worth visiting in Moldova

Europe &# 8211; Continent who annually attend millions of tourists, especially countries such as France, Spain or Italy. Moldova, for his part, small, neighboring with Romania Country, is the least visited country throughout Europe. Why? The main reason lies in almost zero &# 8211; Promotion of its attractions. However, the fact that this is the least visited country does not mean that it does not have attractive places for tourists.


Capital of Moldova &# 8211; This is the gateway to the country and place where Most travelers come, who seek to immerse themselves in the adventure and discover the sights of the "Unknown" country. Most travelers are recommended to make a "base" in Chisinau, to be able to visit the surroundings.

Kishinev &# 8211; This city S Large concrete buildings, with important Soviet legacy, which makes it look like a big open-air museum.

In the capital of the Republic of Moldova there is Own international Chisinau Airport, from where the country has several connections with various European cities, such as Warsaw, Munich, Kyiv and Bucharest.

Sorokh fortress

Built of wood at the end of the 15th century, and then covered with stone, Soroka fortress &# 8211; One of the best places to visit Moldova.

Interesting fact: According to the legend, in a slightly hectic time in the country, residents were hidden in the fortress and fed with grapes brought by storks.

Cave Emil Sink (Cinderella)

One of the biggest and one of the most "unusual" in the world &# 8211; Emil Cave Sakovitsa, Open 60 years ago, has a length of more than 89 kilometers.

Five places worth visiting in Moldova

Mineral education, underground lakes and wells make it an incredible place to visit during a trip to Moldova.

Orhei Vichka

Although in the Moldavian capital there Dozens of religious temples and monasteries, having a large architectural meaning, one of the best places to visit on the outskirts of Chisinau &# 8211; It is carved in the stone monastery Orhei chicks, which is more than 2000 years. Right at the top of the monastery is a small chapel and bell tower. Under the monastery there are caves used by the shepherds and visited by tourists.


Moldova &# 8211; Wine Country. Therefore, here is full of wineries, each of which has its own history and features. Three most famous and tourist winery in the country &# 8211; This is Cricova, Purcari and Milestii MICI, the last one of them especially known all over the world Thanks to the union of the largest underground cellars in the world with a length of 200 kilometers. Many winery have all that need for tourist’s pleasure: Tastings, typical regional kitchen and, of course, souvenir shops.

Travelers who are looking for The most authentic in every place, It is best to avoid "commercial" wineries and go to rural areas of Moldova, where most residents are engaged in the production of wines.

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