Five places that are required for visiting Berlin

Since 1999, is the place of the Federal Parliament of Germany, Reichstag in Berlin Deserves your attention, Due to the fact that this place served as the end of the Nazi Germany and the Great Patriotic War. After restoration, it contains a glass dome from which a wonderful view of Berlin opens.

Berlin Jewish Museum (Yudishz Museum)

Entering the Jewish Museum (Judisches Museum), you will travel on a trip for two thousand years to re-survive the story of the Jews throughout Germany. In this futuristic building designed architect Daniel Libeskind, You can read about the contribution of the Jews in art and culture, starting with the Roman era and before the enlightenment, from the Middle Ages to the tragic history of the twentieth century and the Holocaust.

Hamburg Station – Museum of Modernity

If you love modern art and are in Berlin, you can not miss this stage! Hamburg Station contains many works of Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, China Harring, Anselma Khifer and many others. Since 1996, this is the main landmark for modern art throughout Berlin. As follows from the name, Hamburg railway station – This is the former railway station of the XIX century, turned into a museum. So much that … be careful not to get lost! At night, the facade is illuminated due toFlavina lighting switch. Permanent collections, temporary exhibitions, well-equipped bookstore and cafe!

Museumsinsel (Museum Island) and Pergamonmuseum (Pergamm Museum)

Five places that are required for visiting Berlin

There are so many museums that you should visit, five of which are collected on the island of museums, one of the biggest concentrations in the world of culture! If you can visit only one, goes to a fabulous pergamonmuseum. An impressive headquarters contain exhibits from the Roman Empire, ancient Greece, the Middle East and even from Babylon. Three collections are assembled under one roof: An ancient part with architectural halls and sculptures, Museum of Middle Asia and the Museum of Islamic Art. After you cross the threshold, you spend at least 3 hours to get around everything.

East Side Gallery

Mix of art and history in the East Side Gallery in Berlin. Starting from 1989, a wall that shared the city, was destroyed. However, along Mülenstraße, a plot of 1.3 km long is preserved: this splinter of the history of the twentieth century was the open-air gallery, where artists from all over the world Drew 106 graffiti. The most famous are the "test for the best" from Birgit Kinder, representing the trapping punching wall, and the "fatal kiss" Dmitry Vrubel, who depicts Erich Honekker and Leonid Brezhnev, passionately kissing. You will definitely be interested to walk on this path and perpetuate your favorite works!

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