Five places required to visit Marrakesh

Morocco is a country where tourists flock in search of the winter sun, sunbathing and beautiful beaches. But if you first visit this wonderful country, it is definitely worth paying attention to its historical part. Marrakesh is Holiday for tourist: Stunning architecture, cultural attractions, exploring which you inspire this city and country. Your first visit may seem that here too much, What you need to visit, so here’s a list of five places that will definitely make you admire and stay in memory for a long time.

Gardens Majorel

Marrakesh is a city oasis, which is an ideal place to enjoy peace and silence, avoiding omnipresent crowd of tourists. Twelve acres of gardens were designed by the French artist James Mazhorel, and now they boast more than 300 species of plants from five continents. Particularly impressive cacti! You may have heard that this place is also called Gardens Iva Saint-Lauren, as they were bought by the legendary designer. Berber Art Museum Demonstrates many cultural exhibits, from carpets and clothes to musical instruments. And it will definitely make you knock &# 8211; "Star ceiling".

Mosque Kutubia

It is worth noting immediately – not Muslims – Entrance inside is prohibited. But no one forbade you to wander around the perimeter! The biggest mosque in the city is famous for its high minaret, and especially good at night when all illumination is connected. He is also one of The oldest three minarets Almhat, Of all that remained in the world. At the highest point, three copper balls are towers. Raise there – the view from there is awesome, and it is exactly worth your ascent.

Tomb of Saadidov

The place of restoring the ruler of the 16th century Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur, These ancient tombs are one of the most visited attractions of Marrakesh. Tombs are beautiful and intricate chambers, especially affects carved cedar doors and marble columns. Tirelessly wonder: "How this people built similar chambers without the use of modern technologies?". There is a garden, which is part-time and sultan soldiers and Sultan soldiers.

Valley Ourika

Five places required to visit Marrakesh

Fans of outdoor activities are simply obliged to organize a day trip to the nearby Durika Valley. She is just 30 kilometers from the city And incredibly beautiful. Located in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains (this region is cooled in the summer months), and accurately represents Designer deliverance from Moroccan moisture. In addition to picturesque landscapes, rivers and waterfalls, you can also pamper yourself in one of the numerous traditional restaurants serving Genuine Berber dishes.

Palace Kasr al-Badi

Visit this palace – it’s like you to make a journey in time, the ruins of the Sultan Palace (dated 16th century) will definitely not leave you indifferent, say that this place has some magical power, energetic. In previous years, this is a luxurious place of rest distinguished gardens, more than 300 rooms and an extensive courtyard. Although gold and marble wealth were looted a long time ago, the building is still impressive untouched. Take an excursion to learn more about his history, and the chief advice – Be sure to come early, To avoid midday heat!

After spending a few days, exploring these amazing attractions, then take the direction to nearby beach resorts to relax. Rest in Morocco will be remembered not only with the purest sandy beaches, but also incredible species.

Five places required to visit Marrakesh

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