Five of the most interesting world zoos

In reality, everyone loves them – And not only for the opportunity to see the wonderful animals, birds, insects and fish, but also for a wonderful chance of fun and informative to spend your free time.

And even for the fact that the zoo in every city – Your, unique corner of communication people with representatives of wildlife.

Now many travel companies take into account this and include visiting zoos in their excursion programs.

We present you a top five of the most interesting zoos of the world:

Berlin Zoo (Berlin Zoological Garden)

The largest and most famous in the world – Berlin Zoo, Famous Zoo, one of the oldest institutions of this type. It contains almost 17,500 individuals of animals of 1500 species, admire where about three million people come annually. Berlin Zoo suffered a lot during World War II, animals remained less than a hundred. Now there are almost all animals that you can imagine, and even such that it is impossible to imagine or very difficult.

London Zoo (London Zoo)

London Zoo confirms said at the very beginning of this note – It was opened as the world’s first public institution of this kind in 1828 and was intended exclusively for scientists, children accompanied by adults came here only in 1847. The London Zoo contains 16,000 individuals of 700 species of various animals, it is a state institution, although some of the inhabitants – Private property. Their hosts placed their pets in the zoo, because at home it is impossible to create normal conditions for the content of certain types of large reptiles, fish or molluscs.

Zoo San Diego (San Diego Zoo)

Five of the most interesting world zoos

Zoo in San Diego (USA) amazing the imagination truly american scope. 40 hectares of territory, round-the-clock visit and the ability to observe and photograph animals from a bird’s eye view, moving above the zoo on a cable car or flying on a balloon. All 800 animal species are placed in different territorial zones corresponding to different parts of our planet. In San Diego, the city, located in the subtropics, managed to keep in the zoo even polar bears, which here perfectly feel and bring offspring.

Bali Zoo (Bali Zoo)

Very free morals reign in Zoo on Bali Island (Indonesia). Non-dangerous animals are allowed to iron and even take on hands, crocodiles – feed. And on the trees here are allowed to climb, however, not as they do inhabiting here, on the island, orangutans, but with the help of various ladies and bridges.

Rauna Zoo (Ranua Zoo)

Northern in the world zoo Located in Finland, Near the city of Ranua. Here do not contain exotic animals from the tropics, the inhabitants of the zoo – White bears, sheeps, sands, wolverines and other northern animals. And birds here do not contain in cells – They themselves fly and live in numerous bubbles, doupels and other people created by people. Finns love to meet in the zoo in the wound Christmas.

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