Five of the most interesting railway routes of the world

However, increasingly traveling by train is perceived not as a transport service, but as an unusual trip having an independent tourist value.

In this article we will tell here about the five most, in our opinion, interesting, from a tourist point of view, and spectacular railway routes of the world.

East Express (Orient Express. Paris – Istanbul)

His world famous «Eastern Express» Must with the popular novel Agatha Christie and many subsequent mentions in literature and cinema. The first in the world, kiced between Paris and Istanbul, transcontinental express fully consisted of luxury cars, decorated with unheard of the luxury times, and in two restaurants’ cars hung pictures of famous French artists and crystal chandeliers. The route has existed since the beginning of the twentieth century until 1977. Nowadays «Eastern Express» Restored by the private company Orient-Express Hotels, but already with purely tourist purposes.

Trans-Siberian Highway (Russia)

The longest railway in the world (9288 km from Moscow to Vladivostok). The construction of the highway began in 1891, the trains went in 1904. The fastest train on this route (№1 «Russia») It follows from Moscow to Vladivostok six days and two hours. During this time, passengers can see Lake Baikal, 87 cities, cross the Great Rivers Volga, Irtysh, Ob, Yenisei, Amur.

Railway Flam (FLåM Railway, Bergen. Norway)

Built more than 60 years ago, considered the most unusual road in the world. The road rises to height above sea level of 865 meters, and every 18 meters of the way – For one meter, then approximately the same bias descends to the longest and deep fjord of Norway – Sogne Fjord. Passengers during a short path – The length of the road is only 40 kilometers – can admire the raw waterfalls, river valleys, steep mountains and other beauties of mountain Norway.

Five of the most interesting railway routes of the world

Railway to Jungfrau Railway. Switzerland)

Total length of this mountain railway – just nine kilometers, and seven of them pass through the tunnel cut down in the rocks. However, in the tunnel, the train stops twice in closed stations, passengers can get out of the tunnel to visit the Ice Palace and the viewing platform with an amazing view of the Alps. The road leads from the ski station Klein-Shaddeg to the highest ski facility of Europe – Songfrau pass, height 3 454 m above sea level.

Grand West Highland (Grand West Highland. United Kingdom)

This purely entertainment railway route passes through the giant Viaductuk built in England, in the Glenfinnan Valley in the XIX century. Most of all, this route travels books and films about Harry Potter, because it was used for filming movies «Harry Potter And The Chamber of secrets». Several times a week on the route it runs the ancient locomotive with several cars filled with British «Potteromans».

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