Five of the most dangerous species of animals on our planet

Say, in India there are evil cobra, with whom brave mangown rickey-tickey-tavi fought.

And in the ocean, gigantic spruits are found, it seems that the captain Nemo attacked underwater boat (by the word, spruits, or octopus, completely safe for humans) .

Such information is certainly not enough to have even a general idea of ​​the dangerous fauna of the world, so we publish here information about the five most dangerous types of animal planets.

1. Poisonous frogs

Buying from the locals somewhere in Madagascar bright beautiful frogs for their aquarium or terrarium, you can buy a real one «Serial killer».

Some species in tropical latitudes frogs produce in spinal glands a very strong poison. For example, one adult South African «Golden frog» can accumulate poison in quantity sufficient to kill 10 people.

2. Big white shark

Among the sharks there are somewhat dangerous species for a person, but dubious honor to be called «Aclaut-ledged» only a big white shark was awarded. This species dwells in almost all warm waters of the World Ocean, occurs in the Japanese and Mediterranean seas. Sometimes it reaches the length of 7-8 meters, there is information about 12-meter sharks.

A large white shark is considered to be the strongest, fierce and bloodthirsty in the whole shark family. Huge jaws (they even removed the famous horror movie obedience) with three thousand teeth do not give the victim no chance of salvation. In 2004, the cases of attacking a large white shark on swimming people were recorded for the first time in the Far Eastern Coast of Russia.

3. Poisonous snakes – Asian Cobra

That is the most, from the tales of kiling. There are many types of snakes who have more poison than Asian Cobra, but she is the most dangerous. As a rule, the first cleaver person does not attack, it is possible if the snake is disturbed. True, and disturb the cobra is easy – she lives on earth, among lush tropical vegetation, and see it because «patronizing» coloring is very difficult. In addition, Cobra does not crawl when a person approaches, and if it protects his egg laying, it becomes especially aggressive.

Out of 50,000 people annually dying around the world from the bites of poisonous snakes, most – victims of the Asian Cobra, a beautiful snake with «Hood».

Five of the most dangerous species of animals on our planet

4. Crocodiles

The only predators on Earth for which a person is not a random victim, but an object of hunting – Crocodiles. Different types of these large reptiles live in tropical reservoirs on almost all continents.

In length, an adult crocodile can reach seven meters and weigh about a ton. And at the same time behaves in such a way that it is almost impossible to notice it in water. Using this, the crocodile may wait for hours, then a lightning throw, and the victim – Antilope, Monkey, Man – dragged to the depth where the unhurried meal begins. Sometimes large crocodiles pursue their victims and on land.

It is estimated that during the last two decades the crocodiles ate at least 20 people.

5. Mosquito

Little tropical insects, obvious consequences of whose bites for a person – just itching and redness of the skin, it turns out, the most dangerous killers on Earth. Their victims on the planet are more than two million people annually. Mosquito – Malaria pathogens and some other hazardous diseases. Most of the infections carrying by mosquitoes, residents of tropical areas of Africa suffer.

Five of the most dangerous species of animals on our planet

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