Five of the best attractions of the amber settlement

Amber Village (Kaliningrad region) is located on the Baltic Sea coast 50 km from the regional center. Until the end of World War II, he was part of Prussia and was called Palmniken that translated means "little swamp". In those times of Prussa still did not know what wealth hides in their depths This, at first glance, empty territory.

Amber Castle

Museum with the unusual name "Amber Castle", located in a stone two-story building on St. Soviet St. It contains many exhibition halls each of which dedicated to a certain historical period. Here you can:

  • Learn a lot of interesting things On the opening of amber fields in the village, mining and processing of the solar nugget;
  • View crop and the consumer life of the villagers during the existence of Prussia, the Soviet and post-Soviet era;
  • to visit the chambers where torture and Interrogations of poachers;
  • try oneself of this master, Having created your own hands the product from amber.

In modern halls you can see The richest collection Handmade products from amber, works of Penglish masters, antique dishes, household and clothing.

Five of the best attractions of the amber settlement


Wooden road with a length of 2 km extends from the south to the north along the coast of the Baltic Sea. It was built in 2014 from larchwood, which invulnerable to sea saline water. The road is intended exclusively for pedestrians. It is equipped with:

  • Several descents to the sea;
  • Rises for people with disabilities;
  • viewing platforms, from the places of which are the picturesque views of the sea, beaches, parks, and the Promenade itself;
  • benches, urns and decorative lights.

Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

In 1892, the first church was built in the village, named Kirchi Palmniken. She was created in the image and likeness of Chapel of St. George, located in the vicinity of Berlin. Stone building erected from figure bricks corresponded to the Gothic architectural style outside and Romanesque in.

During the Second World War, most of the exhibits of the temple was abducted. And inside the building itself, a warehouse, gym and billiard club. After the collapse of the USSR, the local authorities decided restore former religious institution. Since on January 13, 1991, the temple was consecrated by the Metropolitan Kaliningrad Cyril, after which he was assigned the status of the ROC.

Park IM. Moritz Becker

A favorite vacation spot of tourists and local residents of the amber settlement is the picturesque Park of Moritsa Beckker. Today it is Monument of the Natural Heritage of the Kaliningrad Region. The park was equipped with an amber magnant Morita Becker in 1881 on the site of an old household site located on the Baltic Sea coast. In its territory, with an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, there are more than one hundred species of trees and plants brought from different parts of the planet: a red-hearted beech, Pine Weimutova, Chestnut. But the main attraction and part-time symbol of the park is considered Lyriodendron or Tulip, which pleases visitors with abundant bloom even in July.

Square Masters

Square (city) Masters &# 8211; This is the central landmark of the village It is difficult to bypass the party. It contains a trade fair complex, where you can buy unique gifts and souvenirs for relatives and friends created by local masters. To the attention of tourists are represented Jewelry, Dishes, clothing and accessories, embroidered beads from amber, cosmetics based on succinic acid. Near the area there are cafes, restaurants, as well as three star hotels.

Five of the best attractions of the amber settlement

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