Five most interesting castles of Croatia

There are several dozen medieval castles on the territory of Croatia, and most of them are dilapidated. However, the lovers of the castle architecture can still find several structures that have survived to this day.

Castle Stari Grad

In the center of Varazdin, located 80 kilometers to the northeast of Zagreb, there is a perfectly preserved castle Stari Grad, One of the towers of which is depicted on the city coat of arms. The castle began to build at the end of the XIII century and then rebuilt repeatedly, but he managed to preserve the medieval appearance. In the middle of the XVIII century, Varazdin worried flourishing, being the capital of Croatia, but the fire of 1776 almost completely destroyed the city. Stari Grad Castle was carefully restored, and at present it is located a city museum, which presents the most interesting ethnographic collection, as well as assembly of painting, sculptures and weapons. The museum is open daily, except Mondays and holidays. Landscaped area around the castle perfectly suitable for walking.

40 kilometers west of varazhdin is a beautiful castle Trakshchan. The majestic construction in the neo-style style is towers on the shore of the lake of the same name. The castle of Trakshchan was built in the middle of the XIX century on the site of the medieval fortress. A picturesque park is arranged around him, for which the forest array begins. Currently, the Museum has been operating in Trakshchan, where an interesting collection of weapons of the XV-XVI centuries and the portrait gallery of the former owners of the castle are presented – the historic surname of Drashkovich. Every year, Trakshchan attend more than 200 thousand tourists, which makes it the most popular in Croatia. Castle is open for visiting daily, including holidays and weekends. You can get to it approximately an hour on the flight bus from Varazdin.

Lock Trasat, The height of the walls of which reaches 25 meters, is considered one of the oldest in Croatia. Once around him there was a settlement, however, in our days, the castle district is the outskirts of the city of Rijek. Trasat was known as the fortress in the 9th century, but many times collapsed and rebuilt. The castle was turned into the ruins of the earthquake of 1750, restored in the XIX century, to then be destroyed during World War II. Restoration of the structure continues to this day. One wing still lies in ruins, but tourists are available viewing platform in the main tower, offering a magnificent view of the city. In the castle itself, an exhibition space is organized, and in the courtyard there are periodically concerts and a restaurant. Entrance to the castle is free.

Five most interesting castles of Croatia

Castle Veliki Tabor

Small castle Great Tabor Located in the north-west of Croatia, next to the village of Desynic, which is 30 kilometers north of the Zagreb. This picturesque structure was built on the top of the hill in the XII century. Later to the castle several additional towers were attached. Landmarks of the castle are the well, the depth of which exceeds 30 meters, as well as a wine cellar and chapel. On the territory of the castle you can purchase local wine. Here is a small museum, in the exposition of which the armor, weapons, ceramics, paintings and historical documents are presented. In the summer, thematic costume activities are held in the castle, during which visitors are taught to make medieval weapons and shoot from Luke. Special programs exist for children. Castle Veliki Tabor is open for visiting daily. Getting to it is the easiest way by car.

But another Croatian castle is easily accessible – Bacar (Second Title – Frankopan Castle). It is located in the town of the same name in just 20 kilometers southeast of Rijeka. Vintage towers with narrow braces rise right above the city. The construction of the castle began in the XIII century, and he acquired its modern appearance in the XVI century. The earthquake of 1750 partially damaged Bakar. It is very "authentic" Medieval Croatian Castle, as it is seriously recognized from the middle of the last century. True, he recently was plastered. Castle is available for inspection. The windows of the second floor premises are located picturesque view of the city and the Bakar bay. At the walls of the castle, city authorities hold various events.

Five most interesting castles of Croatia

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