Five minuses of travel

Travel and tourism for many are favorite occupations. But people do not always remember the shortcomings of adorable activities. The article tells about the 5th mines faced by travelers.


Traveling over long distances do not fail without a quick change of time zones. Jetlag arises when the "internal" clock of the body is insecured with time outside the window. This happens when flights on the plane, especially for distant distances.

Jetlag is dangerous for the traveler by the fact that leads to problems with sleep. And this, in turn, will turn into a sluggish and unproductive state, loss of concentration, irritability and drowsiness. From the Psychological Party, Jetlag Waving to deteriorate With mental problems, and sometimes leads to the development of a sleepy paralysis.


Many tourists choose space with a hot climate, which is missing in our area. But at the same time, forget about the diseases associated with heat.

Thermal exhaustion is accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as thirst, dizziness, nausea, headache. The thermal blow has the same principle, but more dangerous for life. Diseases occur if it takes too much time in the sun, do not protect against it and do not replenish the amount of water in the body.

Local diseases

When traveling B An unfamiliar country is a great risk of grabbing the virus, bacteria or parasite with which it will be difficult to cope the body. Especially if you choose private local houses to stop.

Five minuses of travel

Mountain disease

Extreme travelers love to spend vacation in the mountains. When planning a trip to nature, it should be remembered that the reduced level of oxygen on height causes a number of problems. Fatigue, nausea, headache. To height you need to adapt, To continue further journey.

"Economy Class Syndrome"

This little-known state carries a serious health danger, so it is necessary to know about this disadvantage. When traveling long distance People occupy a sedentary position. Long-term finding in such a posture leads to the occurrence of blood clots in the veins. Trombus can move to the lungs and clog the artery. The risk of thrombosis in the journey increases because the person is in uncomfortable, Casual position. For example, this feels a person in the economy class of the aircraft, where there is no place for legs and movement.

Travel really a lot of dangers and risks. It does not mean at all that you need to refuse your favorite pastime. For the traveler, it is important to know all possible risks and be able to prevent them, then Rest will only benefit and joy.

Five minuses of travel

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