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Going on summer vacation better all providing possible problems in advance so as not to return home with empty pockets.

Psychologists do not get tired of repeating: the one who rests well works well. In summer, the topic of rest becomes especially relevant, because most of the Ukrainians accumulates money on vacation by the sea all year or a trip by unfamiliar countries. And if there are no problems with the choice of a resting place today – you can go to the Black Sea, and on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, then with money everything is not so simple. If you approach the issue of planning a summer rest carelessly and frivolously, it is quite possible to spend an absolutely unjustified amount. On the eve of the summer holidays "Comments" found out exactly how to plan rest to inflict serious damage to the family budget.

The documents

To get abroad, the citizens of Ukraine need a passport (the exception is Belarus and Russia, where they still have internal passports). But it is not enough to have a book with the emblem in order to get into foreign edges. Needed visa. The most unacceptable option for those who want to disburse their own money – go to the country where the visa for Ukrainians is free. For example, in Georgia, or to Seychelles. A more costly option – a trip to the country where visas are bought directly at the airport after arrival. For a visa to Turkey, for example, you need to pay 20 euros, and for a visa to Madagascar – about $ 70. The next stage is a visit to countries requiring visa. And even though it is usually not very high (a tourist visa to America costs $ 140 per year, and in the Schengen zone – 35 euros), you will have to collect more and an impressive package of documents (certificates from work, discharge from bank accounts), and insurance during stay abroad to pay. But the most destructive for the family budget is to decide to urgently go to countries with a rigid visa regime, while not having a rather extensive package of documents. In Lviv, for example, some travel agencies are taken to help unradical tourists for a rather modest fee – 300 euros for the opportunity to part Beauty of Paris or eat Belgian chocolate. Of course you can buy "burning tour". In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the term of the passport ended the accuracy after the arrival of the destination. In this case, for a new passport, decorated in urgency, will have to post from 700 to 3 thousand. UAH. In addition, it is strongly recommended to roam in foreign countries not with photocopy of documents, but with a passport in the back pocket of the trouser or a revealed beach bag, because in this case it will either be stolen, or he will fall. So – new spending and money, and nerves are inevitable.


The golden rule of all airlines says: the closer to the date of departure is bought a ticket, the more expensive it costs. Therefore, it is not necessary to plan a flight in advance to warm countries or, for example, on vacation in Europe. After all, three months before the date of traveling the ticket for airplanes regular airlines will cost two to three times cheaper than the day before departure. The difference in cost can reach 40%. In addition, in many countries, pre-booked even by bus or train ticket is much cheaper than on the day of purchase. After all, the entire summer and the beginning of the fall on railway transport operates an increased coefficient (12-20% of the base tariff), by the way, planning rest, you need to forget in advance that there are low-cost airlines, thanks to which you can fly Polimyr for several hundred euros.

However, the bus tours do not agree: well, and that that you can see several European capitals at once or visit the huge number of famous museums? After all, it will not work at such a tour:

By the way, it is not necessary to search for information about destination points in advance – guidebooks, which usually need several, cost only 10-12 euros.


To spend a burst of money, it is best to choose a five-star hotel in the heart of the city, or right on the coast. On hostels, where it is usually fun, cheap, a lot of young people and free internet, attention is not worth paying. Moreover, accommodation in them costs two or three times cheaper than in the hotel of the middle hand. In Prague, for example, you need to pay 15 euros for the night in a room for 4 people, and in Tbilisi – 20 euros per room for two near the walls of the Old Town.

Also ignore all services that allow you to independently book a room in a hotel of any country in the world. It is better to charge this case a travel agency, which for a couple of clicks of the mouse will ask from the tourist not a penny thanks. Not to mention that together with friends rent apartments (apartment with kitchen) or bungalow on the shore – the amount for accommodation will not be detected by the Draconian. True, independent booking of hotels in Turkey or Egypt resorts can be quite expensive: large tour operators are massively buying out places here, so that the usual alone will not save in accommodation.


Five light ways to open on vacation - Hurghadashar El Sheikh, Egypt Blogs and travel notes

Of course, the most ideal option for those who want to return home with an empty wallet – breakfast, lunch and dinner in fashionable restaurants. Fortunately, in any city of the globe today there are fashionable establishments. What is categorically not recommended to do for the preservation of the wallet – find out what the locals eat and where to buy it. Of course, overseas food is not always pleasant for the Ukrainian stomach, so it’s no longer to get involved in extreme. However, any disease (especially, the aggravation of chronic diseases during acclimatization) will become a huge cargo for the selling budget.

Also, it is strongly not recommended to prepare food independently and buy products in supermarkets – it’s better to buy all this in places specifically allocated for tourists.


Tourists who go to relax in Turkey or, say, Egypt, must remember: to relax in rich, all excursions must certainly buy from the hotel guides. And let the sending of tourists on the inspection of attractions only a few firms across the country, for whose activities are frequently by the police, it is always nice to know that you bought a trip to the pyramids for $ 50, and not for $ 30, as they offered across the road. In any country in the world, sightseeing routes organized by local agencies are at least 2-3 times cheaper. In addition, you can always find a place with cheap or free attractions, places for hiking excursions, or historical places.

Another option to empty the wallet – named relatives to Ukraine with stories about how good on vacation. Such an uncompherd method can be reduced stock of selling money at once a few hundred hryvnia per day. You should not listen to friends who advise you to buy a tourist or local SIM card, and, moreover, use Skype home for calls, especially if the hotel has free WiFi.

On vacation, you should never keep accounting: the more money spent, the vacation productive. The main thing is that the souvenir’s full suitcase has already been purchased, which, on returning home, will begin to be covered with dust on the far shelf. So the option at which it is worth planning the amount in advance that, without prejudice to the wallet, you can spend on entertainment, gifts and souvenirs, do not even consider.

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