Five interesting and safe countries in Africa

This state is considered one of the most secure places on the continent. Presumably, this is due to the peace-loving and calm mentality of the Bosvants. Or, local is aware of the contribution of tourist business in the development of the country. In any case, here Low level of criminal activity.

Of the most interesting places here this desert Kalahari and national parks. But the main entertainment for tourists-Search for vintage treasures. They are looking for since the 30s of the XX century in the Caves of the Gchvibach. The treasure has not yet been found, but visiting these caves will remain in memory for a long time.


This country is in the south-west of Africa and is a stable and safe mainland territory. Europeans opened it in 1878. She quickly left all the internal and external differences, and at the moment it is considered one of the richest African countries.

Attractive for tourists here such places: the ancient desert Namib, the famous coast of skeletons, place Falls of a huge meteorite hob, Numerous national parks, one of the deepest canyons and other attractions.


The country of the Masaev tribe is notable for genuine African nature. In the state itself, tourism is developed, and the locals are quite friendly. Here is the mountain Kenya &# 8211; The second highest after Kilimanjaro. Over the country, flies of migratory birds are visible, and species opening from Kenyan Ambossels Park are fascinating the spirit.


Madagascar is a unique island, not like any other place on the planet. In addition to an unusual relief, here Many animals and plants live, whom do not see anywhere else.

On the island there are many parks and zones, under guard. Many reserves are included in the register UNESCO World Heritage Site, among which the Zinggi de Bemaraha reserve. Also the country is famous for beautiful beaches.

Five interesting and safe countries in Africa


Zimbabwe &# 8211; one of Tourist visited by tourists in Africa. Here is a popular Waterfall Victoria, on the border with Zambia. For people who want to enjoy the miracle of nature in a less crowded atmosphere, it is recommended to visit exactly Zambia.

In addition to the huge number of national parks, there is an unusual architectural complex, the accumulation of stone Razvalin Big Zimbabwe, built several millennia.


Local people are friendly and friendly, but tourists should be alert – thieves there a lot. Despite this, tourists continue to visit Tanzania.

There are many interesting places in the state. Kilimanjaro Volcano, trails for tourists are laid to his top. Zanzibar Island, where the most beautiful stone city is located. Serengeti National Park, which occupies a large territory in which they live more than three million wild beasts. Nongoronoro Biosphere Reserve, which is in a huge crater of extinct volcano.

Five interesting and safe countries in Africa

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