Five holidays and lives

Don’t you tell yourself sometimes on vacation: "Yeah, I would like to live here, so great!"? You dream of having a housing overlooking the ocean? There are several cities, which are attractive on both sides &# 8211; They have beautiful surroundings where you can spend an excellent vacation, and at the same time there are everything that can attract you as a permanent residence place.

They are awesome, and not only for holidays. We chose for you Five such cities, in which you too can live for a while. Warning: After reading this post, you will probably start to save money for moving (and possibly, Decide to quit work!).

San Diego, USA

If you love the sun, sand, as well as surfing, Go to San Diego on the west coast of the United States. It’s hard to find a place where it is so easy to relax in excellent vacation. In San Diego you will find everything to live without stress. Join the group of tanned Californians in yoga classes with PaddLabord, go to the city center to try Authentic Mexican dishes, And on the weekend, go hiking to the mountains or explore the vineyards. In addition, in San Diego the best waves all year round, so you will become the perfect surfer before you hope.

Miami, USA

Living in Miami, you will soon Feel like at home Among the stylish looking urban residents. Endless beaches, many amazing shops and countless fashion bars &# 8211; You will definitely need to come here once to enjoy the sun. People here always love to have fun. Few people decide to mention the word work. Almost no one will ask you: &# 8220; What do you do?&# 8221; Keywords for many (although, of course, not for everyone): Party, alcohol and luxury. In fact, do not be surprised if your neighbor invites you to ride a boat on Sunday or if he parries his Flaming red Ferrari Next to your home and get to visit.

Vancouver, Canada

Local residents and tourists in Vancouver There are many opportunities Conduct active rest. Regardless of the season, you can enjoy a variety of sports and adventures in the fresh air: from skiing and mountain biking to riding on kayaks and whale watching. Local Residents are incredibly nice (in the end, it is typically for Canada), so they will be friendly to you. Will you stay here for several months, or even longer, your mind and body will definitely get pleasure from it!

Five holidays and lives

Sydney, Australia

If you Amateur cultural recreation, You will never be bored in Sydney: one event after another happens in the Opera House, a young art scene flourishes in the city &# 8211; You will always find here what to visit. There are also many opportunities to work in the creative, innovative and progressive industry. In Sydney, you will live within walking distance from office and beautiful beach, which you will no longer find anywhere. On the way from work, you can go to the ocean at any time and fully enjoy pleasant, soft evenings. You can even join other enthusiasts that get up early in the morning and ride waves before going to work or to school. This Australian city where everyone is worn Slippers all year round, Also is a paradise for all gourmets &# 8211; Every week there are several new original restaurants.

Auckland, New Zealand

If you want to live among nature, then you should visit New Zealand. Enjoy the exciting spirit Beauty of the South and North Islands, exploring the Auckland port and dinner in local cafes and bars. Rise on top of volcanoes on foot, swim in the purest ocean. Everywhere you will find countless sleep opportunities, whether in a tent or in an equipped campsite. In Auckland, you will never find yourself away from some A completely forgotten place, where can time stay alone with nature and relax. Do you want to feel good and live a deeper, more conscious life or just want to enrich your instagram great photos – Auckland – Perfect place to stay.

Five holidays and lives

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