Five facts about Hamburg

These birds are even guarded by law: according to legend, while they are found in local waters, everything will be fine with Hamburg. Therefore, every autumn on the Alster River appears a strange character in a boat, which puts swans into it and transports to wintering in a special pond with warm water. And the spring procedure is repeated in reverse order. This is the so-called "swan dad". By the way, the water bikes in Hamburg are made in the form of swans, and some birds are even trying to make friends with him.

The most popular street food in Germany – curryworthist

Story says that in 1947 some Lena Broker, holding curry in one hand, and in another – Ketchup, quite successfully stumbled and mixed both sauces. So there was a curryworthist, watered with a juicy and incredibly hot sausage cooked on the grill.

Old tunnel under an elbow – place of meetings

Construction of this structure at the beginning of the 20th century became an engineering sensation. Above the head of about 21 m of water. So that the water does not stick inside, the tunnel is surrounded by a half-meter layer of concrete. Tunnel length – 426.5 m. He connects the port and city center. For a long time, the tunnel was the main means of walking movement through the Elbe. Every day, workers docks were sent to work to the port, and in the evening – back home. At the exit, they were always waiting for many entertainment, so prudent wives met them right in the tunnel, so as not to give a chance to her husband to look in the side of the beer. Here is a place of meetings.

Hamburg Metropolitan – one of the oldest in the world

Five facts about Hamburg

Opened in 1912. The cost of the trip depends on the distance. There are no turnstiles here, but the hare will not work, because controllers walk in the train itself, and the penalty for the unfailing passage is € 40. To the scheme of the Hamburg metro must be used to: lines crossed several times, change the direction. Here are four branches and 91 stations, trains follow from 5-20-minute intervals depending on the time of day and day of the week. For convenience, traveling a card or download the application to the phone.

Here "born" The Beatles group

Indeed! Here, on the reperban, where Kutyat since the XIX century, on August 17, 1960, the concert was held at the club "Indra", then no one else is the famous group of The Beatles. Within two months every day from 8 pm to early morning, Bitles played music, and it was difficult. In Hamburg, Trinity: John, Paul and George – met with the drummer Ringo Starr, here the musicians received the first experience in the studio. Well, what happened next, you yourself know. After time, even Lennon says: "Hamburg did us". "Indra" and now retained the spirit of the 60s: a small scene, on the walls – photos of the most, first performances of the Bitles. Well? Come ToGether. Right now. Over Me.

Watch the ether of the transfer "One day in Hamburg" on the TV channel "My Planet" on Saturday, December 21, at 7:55 and 20:00.

Five facts about Hamburg

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