Five-day Marathon Amsterdam Dance Festival

Every autumn for a few days in the Dutch capital, the best DJs, musicians and fans of dancing from around the world come. Correspondent Travel.RU also visited Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Amsterdam Dance Event can be called the largest international club music festival: about 2 thousand musicians and 350 thousand visitors from almost a hundred countries of the world take part in it. The capital of the Netherlands turns into an electron-musical fashion legislature, where new trends are determined and new stars appear. In 2015, the festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

  • Laser show on Amsterdam Dance Event
  • In the nightclub Melkweg in Amsterdam
  • In a nightclub on Amsterdam Dance Event

For several days, the entire city is in the power of the festival: banners with its yellow-black logos are hung on the streets, more than 80 sites – nightclubs, spacious concert halls, terraces on the roofs, galleries and even former shipyards are waiting for guests. The Dutch capital becomes a single giant disco.

  • City during the festival Amsterdam Dance Event
  • Logo Amsterdam Dance Event everywhere

Amsterdam Dance Event is not only grandiose discos and parties. Within the framework of the festival, seminars are held, presentations of the latest equipment for DJs, interactive talk shows – only about 300 diverse events. Each time the festival is increasingly moving the borders of the dance and turns into the largest cultural event of the year: it includes bold theatrical experiments, artistic and photo exhibitions, master classes, film images and performances.

Five-day Marathon Amsterdam Dance Festival
  • Conference during Amsterdam Dance Event
  • Speech at Melkweg Nightclub in Amsterdam
  • One of the sites Amsterdam Dance Event

In 2014, Amsterdam Dance Event took place from October 15 to October 19.

  • On the disco during Amsterdam Dance Event
  • Assterdam Dance Event Queue
  • Presentation on Amsterdam Dance Event

It all starts from registration: participants and guests who want to visit several places receive multicolored bracelets with chips or plastic cards that replace the entrance ticket. The organization is beautiful – no queues! A small nice bonus: each such bracelet participates in the lottery, you can win headphones, T-shirts, backpacks and other prizes.

  • Registration of participants and guests Amsterdam Dance Event
  • During registration on Amsterdam Dance Event
  • In a nightclub during AMSterdam Dance Event

And then the continuous five-day marathon begins: the daily events are replaced by evening, dance shows, starting at 10 pm, last morning, and sometimes do not end with dawn.

  • Concert during the Festival Amsterdam Dance Event
  • DJ on Amsterdam Dance Event
  • On the disco during Amsterdam Dance Event

And during the day the conferences continue, negotiations. One of the most memorable events has become a presentation "New superhero Netherlands" – Tulipman created by the local artist Gabygaby.

  • Presentation "New superhero Netherlands" – Tulipman
  • At the presentation Tulipman

It is difficult to manage everywhere. But you can highlight some of the most important places. One of them – Rembrandtplein Square in the center of Amsterdam. For all the time of the festival, the Pavilion Ade X Samsung Home was built, where the information center was located, it was possible to purchase tickets, listen to the worldwide reports from different events, meet with famous DJs.

  • At Rembrant Square in Asterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event

But the main thing is still dancing! Therefore, the festival is given to even the platforms as the elegant hall of the Compagnietheater and the CONCERTGEW Classic Music Concert Hall, built in the last century, from where all the chairs, freeing the space for "Aliens". And in strict noble interiors, unimaginable: electronic music, laser shows with 3-4-5-D-effects, a huge pulsating crowd, flashing from the twilight phosphoric bracelets.

  • Fire Show on Amsterdam Dance Event

The most grandiose event of the festival is going on Saturday evening at the famous Stadium Amsterdam Arena Stadium (Football Fans Know him as a Ajax Club Home Platform). This is where the same electronic music merges in ecstasy with a dance: on a huge field, tens of thousands of people move in a uniform rhythm in a single rhythm, they are vibrated over their heads, hundreds of multi-colored threads are intertwined in a special dance, then "scattering" on fragments, then suddenly forming strange figures. It is difficult to imagine and it is difficult to believe in it, but at the same time in Amsterdam Arena can be up to 68 thousand guests!

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