Five changes faced by traveling to Thailand

In the territory of the Kingdom there is a strict dress code: all residents of Thailand are black and white clothes. Media Magnify Magnify that the kingdom needs a large number of strict outfits, mourning flowers and call for merchants not to overestimate prices for such things and accessories. Even mannequins on the windows of first-class boutiques are dressed in black and white. All official portals, Internet media and publishing of Thailand moved to a monophonic interface.

The government of the country announced that Mourning on the monarch will last a year. Prime Minister of Praha Chan-Oil addressed the inhabitants of Thailand with a request to cancel all the entertainment events over the next 30 days. However, politician called on business structures to continue its activities to ensure the population of the country and tourists and support the authority of Thailand in the international arena. The Prime Minister also added that, despite the death of the king, life continues.

We will analyze what changes are tourists in connection with National Mourning and how it will affect the tourist industry of the country as a whole.

Five changes awaiting tourists

1. Big Royal Palace in Bangkok temporarily closed. There are traditional Buddhist rituals. It is still unclear whether a long time will long be parting with the king, perhaps it will take several months. Change the format of the work and the temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Keo). The remaining cultural objects of Thailand will be available for tourists, as before.

Thailand Tourism Management reports that hundreds of thousands of inhabitants from all over the country come to say goodbye to the beloved king, and this will cause the influx of people in Bangkok and increase the passenger traffic of transport hubs.

2. Large festivals and events will cancel or postpone an unknown period. Bangkok will not be a concert of the British artist Morrissee, Ex-Frontman The Smiths. Residents will not be able to visit the famous Full Moon party on the island of Ko Phangan, which is also canceled.

3. Thai bars and restaurants muffle music. At least the next month will stop the work of noisy disco clubs and loud beach parties. Rounding in Bangkok cruise ship gave tribute to king, turning off neon lights and «Lowering the volume». Moreover, the first time for many years suspended its work quarter «Red lanterns», Located in the center of the capital. He remained open, even despite military coup.

4. Shopping and entertainment centers, supermarkets and nutrients can suspend the sale of alcohol and closed overnight, if they wish to do their owners. Such a decision can also take the hosts of hotels that are not included in the network, and resort zones that support mourning along the monarch.

5. Strengthening security measures in the country. Perhaps the documents of people crossing the country’s border (including land) will be checked carefully.

The work of such public institutions, such as banks, hospitals, public services, and transport will remain the same.

It is important that no state called for its compatriots to cancel the trip to Thailand due to mourning. But the governments of many countries made appeals and asked their compatriots to show respect for the Thai, who grieved in their monarch: to behave confronted in public places, stick to the official style of clothing. Bright beach outfits and slippers during mourning in the country will not be welcomed.

Philip Obruchev-Mironov, Head of Direction of Southeast Asia and Tunisia Tour Operator «NTK-Intourist», Share his arguments about possible changes in the tourist industry of Thailand. In his opinion, tourists will behave retaining during mourning, because lovers of noisy parties will choose another place to relax. However, Mr. Obruchev-Mironov assumes that many travelers such a recreation format will like much more.

He notes that the merchants and employees of the service system will be calmer, and it will become a plus for tourists. Noise and loud music will not disturb the night’s sleep, and instead of nightly gatherings it will be possible to walk in the afternoon in parks, cultural objects and other historical places. Seekers «Breaky vacation» Such a rest does not suit, but the rest of the travelers will probably be satisfied.

Five changes faced by traveling to Thailand

The expert says that employees of his company, located in Bangkok and Phuket, the largest island of Thailand, admire the unity of the Thais of the whole country supporting mourning for the beloved ruler. True, now many formal procedures that used to occupy a couple of minutes can be delayed: for example, the response of the serving company will have to wait at times longer.

But, summing up, Mr. Obruchev-Mironov notes that everything works simply, clearly and continues forward.

The Personality of the king of the Amiduadet Pumpler in the history of Thailand

Many called the life path of the king of the king of Aduwadeta amazing. He was born in the American city of Cambridge on December 5, 1927. The name of the monarch is translated as «Power of the country, incommary power». Another baby King moved with his family in Bangkok, and in the 40s went to the Switzerland training. On May 5, 1950, the pumipon Adulyad officially ascended the throne, and in 1987 he was awarded the tituule of the Great.

Monarch actively supported the development of science, was interested in innovation of agrarian orientation and engaged in research himself. He invented a number of innovations: the lens for the Canon camera was created with the participation of the Amiduadt pumile (by the way, on a banknote dignity 1 thousand. BAT, 1999 series depicted monarch with this camera). Being a young, the future king was actively engaged in music and played a saxophone in the Jazz Orchestra Benny Goodman. However, the main victory of the monarch is that he united the nation and made Thailand favorite destination for tourists from around the world. While the pumipon Adulyante was on the throne, the country had more than 20 prime ministers, 19 state coups were held and 18 constitutions were replaced. And none of the opposing forces did not intend to overthrow the monarch.

Philippe Obruchev-Mironov noted the diplomacy of the king and the ability to show the right way to their own example. Pumpane Adulyads regularly visited all sorts of events, the purpose of which was to attract new tourists to Thailand. Thanks to his efforts, the country has become a developed tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Good man tried and was able to make Thailand welcoming foreigners at any time.

According to statistics, more than 30 million tourists arrive in the country every year. Income from tourism is about 10% of Thailand GDP. In total, this year more than a million tourists from Russia are expected in the country. In January-June, about 570 thousand ours visited Thailand, and this is 20% more than in the first six months of 2015.

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