Five beautiful islands of the Caribbean

Paradise and one of the main attractions of the planet – Caribbean Islands, But they have their pearls. Each of the islands, and their almost 7 thousand, beautiful and unique, framed in the magnificence of landscapes and offers a huge amount of entertainment and services to their guests – tourists.

Island Aruba

On Aruba is almost always warm and sunny, and the beaches are famous for their entertainment. Located in the southern part of the Caribbean, the island has Huge popularity in the world of tourism. Beautiful landscapes, white sand island beaches and warm weather. Earth Aruba belong to Holland and are 15 miles from the shores of Venezuela. The most popular place of the planet among windsurfing lovers, Aruba also the place of their annual June tournament Hi-Winds Amateur World Chellenge. National Park Alikok not only the pride of Aruba, But the most popular and favorite tourists place. The wildlife of the island is striking by its diversity and beauty of rock formations, local landscapes are amazing, and the weather pokes soft heat.

Dominican Republic

Second largest Country Basin – Dominican Republic. Here all year round fantastically magnificent tropical weather, clean beaches, crystal waters and stunning landscapes with mountain terrain. V Santo Domingo, The capital of the Island Republic, there is a huge number of a wide variety of attractions. It is fully represented by the exciting history of the country, which began in 1496, and its founder was Bartoloma Columbus. In 1990, the capital entered List of World Heritage. Local dances and music have world famous, Especially Merenge. This is a unique alloy of Africa and Europe’s musical forms. Dominicans themselves love their unique local rock.

Kurasao Island

In the southwest of the Caribbean Sea is the island of Kurasao. It is distinguished by very soft and warm weather, because it is located below the belt of hurricanes. Island one of the largest in the Pleiad of the Norwegian Antilles. At this favorite tourist resort is amazing Tasty local cuisine and purest beaches. Island is widely known for its architectural monuments and buildings. The architecture of the capital Willemstad since 1997 in the World Heritage List, with the help of buildings clearly reproduces and demonstrates the history of the island.


Five beautiful islands of the Caribbean

For elegant rest you need to go to Bermuda. Not only the beaches here Enveloped with a loop of elegance, But the fields for cricket and golf. You can play in the most different parts of the island on ideal sites and in a friendly company with locals. Golf lovers are waiting for the fields of a variety of classes. Bermuda is easily accessible, they say here in English, and the area is only 21 square mile. Due to the softness of the subtropics, the average temperature on the island is only 22 degrees.

Saint Lucia Island

Island of lovers call Saint Lucia. The beauty of the island landscape amazes incredible landscapes. Local residents Extremely friendly, Beaches are clean, and numerous resorts are excellent high-class service. The island is very popular among jazz lovers, because it is here that the famous Annual Jazz Music Festival. The biggest city is the island state – Kastri, he is the capital of Saint Lucia. High mountain height Gimi 950 meters. The island appeared, thanks to the eruption of the volcano and thick covered with a lush rainforest.

Caribbean islands are beautiful and hospitable. Each of them has its own unique charm. These are the places of the planet, which nature created with special love, and people call the paradise.

Five beautiful islands of the Caribbean

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