Fiuji (FiUggi) – The resort town, which is located at a height of seven hundred meters above the level of the world ocean, which is surrounded by mountain peaks with brown forests, FiUges forms an environmentally friendly zone.
This unusual city is divided into two parts: a medieval town reasonable for more than one thousand years ago with Majahn streets, venues, and a labyrinth of intertwing stairs; and first born 19 centuries.

Mineral Resort FiUji in Italy. It is located near Rome, surrounded by Roman’s palaces and papal courtyard. FiUgeja is drowning in the greenery of vineyards and olive age-old groves, surrounded by oak, chestnut and pine forests. The historic center to this day is full of medieval charm of miniature areas and close streets.

In the vicinity of Fiudges there is a whole network of medieval town museums, religious monuments, monasteries and abbey. Decitation and peace, amazing hospitality of comfortable hotels, an abundance of outdoor activities. Many cafes, bars, colorful restaurants, as well as excellent shopping, make fiugges one of the most attractive places for health and recreation in Europe.

Fiugji, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Fiji Tourprom Travel

However, undoubted fame, the resort brought mineral water, which is on Fiudge. Water FiUki belongs to the category of water with low minerals: calcium with brightly pronounced diuretic effects. Such treatment causes a specific diuretic effect due to low salts. Curot FiUji is a urological resort, where the diseases of the urinary sphere are treated, excluding infectious: urolithiasis, prostatitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, as well as gout, adjusts metabolic processes in the body. Water FiUdji does not have the healing effect on the gallbladder and ducts.

In the Anticolan Thermal Park there is a small inhalation center in which imported thermal water of the telelaise is used for procedures. This center works only in the summer months. Of course, the net fusion ecology, healthy food, moderate physical activity, as well as the absence of exhausting heat, even in the hottest summer months will have a beneficial effect on patients with cardiovascular diseases, but there are no specific treatment procedures for cardiological patients in the resort.

Fiugji, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Fiji Tourprom Travel

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