Fiuggi – a source of health and inspiration

Fiuggi, just 80 km from Rome. Resort history of this city began in the Middle Ages. Vatican archives indicate that Pope Boniface VIII of, suffering from urolithiasis, used the water of Fiuggi in 1299. Great sculptor Michelangelo, also forced in 1549 to resort to using a source called it "water, which breaks up the stones".

Mineral water Fuji truly unique. Unique in the world it is not, it really is able to dissolve and remove the stones from the kidney. Therefore, the main specialization resort – treatment and prophylaxis of urological diseases, primarily nephrolithiasis. Water also helps in diseases of the genitourinary system, violation of the blood pressure at a diathesis and gout, is used to complete the purification and detoxification of the body. Contraindications in Fiuggi mineral water does not exist.

The resort two thermal park open. Terma Boniface VIII is open throughout the year and can take as many as 25 thousand. human. Terma Antikolana, located in a vast scenic park operates from April 1 to November 30. According to the number of hotel rooms – 13 thousand. – Fiuggi, ranked second in the region after Lazio Rome. Most of the hotels – the family, that is, my grandmother cook, Mom – cleans and son standing behind the bar. But there is also a luxurious Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte 5 * Luxe, built in 1912, marble, wood, antique furniture, paintings, glass chandeliers, heavy curtains, luxurious carpets. That does not prevent The hotel has well-equipped SPA-center and conference facilities, and Internet access.

Fiuggi - a source of health and inspiration

Usually treatments out the first half of the day. Take the rest of the time – not a problem for Fiuggi. The resort offers a range of entertainment of all kinds. Only an hour drive separates it from Rome, a little further – Naples. There you can go beyond impressions and purchases. Vacationers in winter can combine treatment with skiing skiing in Campo Atino and Campo Starti, which are located nearby. And in the summer – with sea bathing in the resort cities of Terrachino, Spelga, San Felicheo, forming. Before them – hand to file.

Although you can not ride anywhere at all, as Fiuggers are interesting in itself. In his ancient part there are many historical monuments, besides there is a magnificent golf club on 18 holes, and small vintage restaurants offer to enjoy culinary masterpieces of local cuisine and unique wine from the rarest grape varieties, growing only here and more anywhere in the world.

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