Fitness tourism as a new popular view of tourism

Our natural desire to rest, health and beauty must be encouraged. It was for this that the so-called fitness tours were created.

Fitness tour is something more than just a vacation, because along with a standard service set you get professional fitness instructor services. Now it is no longer necessary to go somewhere and find time for yourself among other concerns, you can finally carry out the desired and everything will contribute to this, because the tour will be built taking into account your requirements.

How often are we, dreaming, draw in your imagination Beach and exotic. When vacation allows you to break out, we go to the beach. But when we enjoy the contemplation of the beautiful landscape and at the same time we go to self-cultivation, the body gets double joy. Remember the feeling after visiting the fitness center! And then you do not do in the hall, but on the beach, under the guidance of a tanned instructor on the ocean. It can be stretching on snow-white sand, aquaeerobics in the sea or yoga among majestic mountains. Another advantage is that you can and at the entertainment evening and in the local club shine defect with the instructor dance. No matter whether you will go alone or family, it is not necessary to deal with all. Your family can enjoy with you and watch your successes. You will finally be able to achieve a result in two weeks that have dreamed of years.

The next plus, which is impossible not to mention, is an opportunity to meet interesting, absolutely different people united by a single passion! Fitness-tour – a tour for everyone who appreciates the beautiful and wants to go home Aphrodite or Apollo who chooses an active holiday. As a rule, our body needs exactly in active, moving vacation. It contributes to a more complete restoration of the body than passive. Thus, we will quickly turn on the workflow back to the workflow without additional effort and with double energy.

Most often, such tours are organized in countries with a comfortable climate. This is due to the fact that the sea, the sun and fresh air accelerate metabolic processes. The combustion process of fats increases twice when we breathe clean oxygen. In addition, the inhabitants of the middle strip of Russia are not enough iodized air. The sea has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Thus, a quick achievement of the desired result occurs.

Most popular for fitness tourism Mediterranean, Egypt, Thailand and India. Although some experts note that Turkey and Thailand is too humid, and in Egypt it is hot, these countries still remain popular, because available and meet all requests. This type of tourism implies the opportunity to go and not at the highest season. The main condition for it is a hotel with a playground for occupations, aquaeerobics pool and permission of the hotel.

Fitness instructors advise choosing nutrition not All Inclusive, and 2-3 single. Since the tour is thematic and has a definite goal, you will be helped to make the right choice of diet, the reception of food by the hour normalizes the operation of the gastrointestinal tract.

In order to go to the fitness tour, it is not necessary to travel beyond the country. Similar offers exist in Russia. But they can do without much cheaper (Yoga tour of Altai costs about 30 thousand rubles per person, you can get yourself and buy separately only the coach services, it will cost about 1 thousand rubles a day and will include the morning and evening exercise in nature).

Experts note that usually a ticket comes out by 25-40% more expensive than the usual detention center to the resort. Some organizations are offered to pay separately only for the fitness package (cost about 25 euros per day).

This direction is just getting developed. And the more customer interest will grow in a healthy rest, the more active tour operators will work and develop this type of tourism.

Fitness tour is a general concept. In fact, this name is hidden many types of his varieties. Classes as well as in the usual hall are divided into directions: dance, relaxes, power, MIX and so on.

There are tours of a narrower orientation, such as yoga tours. They can be traveling to local yoga. For this purpose, the journey to India is most in demand, the homeland of yoga. This trip is able to change you beyond recognition, add tolerance, pacification, harmony with himself and with the outside world. This will suit those who seek to relax, is in conditions of constant stress, and yet those who just want to deeper to study the favorite direction. It is well known that when practicing yoga, we are able to improve not only the body, but also our consciousness. Yoga is developing flexibility, forms a perfect figure, and also heals the body from the inside: he himself begins to strive for a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating. Yoga will save you from irritability, feelings of fatigue and other unpleasant sensations.

If you prefer something active, measured relaxing workouts – not your style, choose dance directions.

The program of your dance classes may differ depending on the country’s chosen. In Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia in classes intensively work hips, belly, chest. In India – legs and hands, and the facial expansion is also connected, which, by the way, is also useful – increases the tone of the facial muscles. In Southeast Asia, smooth movements (flowing one to another) resemble eastern martial arts in slow motion. It helps to feel every muscle of your body and customize the vestibular apparatus.

Spain offers flamenco elements, clear rhythm rhythms, sharp turns of the head, hull and elegant work of hands. In the African continent, great importance are given by the movement of hips. Semicooh legs and breathtaking stiffness with buttocks fascinate, especially men! If your wallet allows you to go to Cuba or in Latin American countries, your body will be taught to walk the walker in the literal sense of the word.

Fitness tourism as a new popular view of tourism

The experience of creating such dance tours is already available at Perm organizers. And it turns out that the organization takes on both a travel company and a fitness club or a dance studio. The tourist’s contract at the same time can be concluded with two organizations.

Some find thematic tours of a narrow pointer to monotonous, so most moved to mixed programs, including all the most popular classes: Pilates, Yoga, Aquaaerobic, power, struggle.

The fitness program is being developed by experienced fitness coaches and sports doctors taking into account individual features and health status of each participant of the tour. It includes about 3-6 training per day. Morning begins with a warm-up, with running on the beach, in the midst of a hot day aquaaerobics, in the evening, power loads, meditation during sunset of the sun. Very often the tour is made up three to one: three training days and then one free.

Fitness tours are most often calculated for the duration of 10 days and more. This is explained by the fact that the body should have time and acclimatize and get used to the loads. But there are weekend tours, which are specifically designed for a small active recreation at the end of the labor week.

For labor collective there are special corporate proposals. Organizations that want to make a team more friendly and cohesive, improve performance, strengthen the health of their employees, can also go to the fitness tour.

During such a non-standard and outdoor activities, you can also visit the diving school, windsurfing, kiting, snorkeling. There are a lot of diverse types of additional recreation and types of sports entertainment.

You can not be attached to one point of recreation, and in addition to training, add a bike or trekking route. Such a tour was called combined: a combination of two or three directions in one round. Hiking in combination with sightseeing excursions fill you and impressions and health. And all the well-known popular training in the halls of sikes can be accomplished by the surroundings and with the breeze. Then plunge into a refreshing and no less useful sea. Intensive swimming in the sea also favorably affects all muscles, and marine water also feeds the skin with useful trace elements and strengthens the body. Moderate solar baths give us vitamin D and give the skin a pleasant golden shade.

Thus, the fitness tour is perhaps the most useful rest and exactly what everyone is in demand!

Fitness tourism as a new popular view of tourism

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