Fitness on the shores of the Red Sea

Spring – the most appropriate time to travel to Egypt. All autumn and winter we live, dreaming about summer, bright sun and warm sea. And this is a fairly powerful stimulus to assemble a suitcase and go to the Red Sea, say, in Hurghada. This place is like tourists of the most different beach-sports orientation: after all, it is there that the ratio of price and quality is most optimal. In addition to the rest, you can visit the famous historical monuments in the Museum of Luxor, the ancient capital of Egypt. And for us it has become decisive when choosing a place under the sun: a team of girls from fitnesslub uniquely gave preference to Egypt. We had to spend a two-week training course on the shore of the blue (now we know this for sure!) Red Sea.

Two workouts per day under the guidance of an experienced instructor made their business – the waist melted, the muscles became elastic, the mood rose and reached the maximum mark. Sea bathing and the sun were complemented by the most beneficial manner – our bodies purchased first peach, and then a healthy chocolate shade. Breakfast and dinner with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meat and fish dishes, as well as fresh baking harmoniously fit into our program. Reflection in the mirror spoke about the exceptional benefits of the selected type of rest.

About the exotica of the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea have heard many. All of us fascinated the contrast: a completely cloudless shirmet sky, yellow sand and shrill blue sea. At times on the horizon line, the outlines of white yachts, sailboats or bright, as the wings of exotic butterflies, surfing. Surfers are extraordinary people, on the crazy speed controlling sail and board, moving along the waves and flying to the water area of ​​the beach bay, as a dancer on stage. And divers every day from the berth went to the boat in the open sea, in order to admire the beauty of the underwater world and sunken ships. They have their own happiness in Egypt. They take home kilometers down under water video and photographs, marks in their certificates about the depth of dive and return to the Red Sea again, because they can not otherwise.

But those who swim only with a mask and a tube, too, have something to do. For example, to go on a while – just two to three hours (after all, we needed to have time for the second aerobics training) – to the coral islands, where numerous boats and boats await the return on the side of snorkeling lovers. Here you can meet a four-year-old contemplator, and a representative of the pension layer, with an indispensable smile and delight in the eyes of telling about seen underwater wonders.

And almost every beach in Hurghada there are small stables, where they hold horses for riding. If you are not indifferent to these graceful creatures, then you have the opportunity to break trot, and then in the gallop of the real Arabic hill. All the others become the audience beautiful spectacle: tanned Amazons make a small riding walk. According to the respected journal "Shape", Horse is the milder simulator.

Fitness on the shores of the Red Sea

Aerobics, swimming, beach volleyball, horse riding, surfing plus light sea breeze, thanks to which there is no feeling of heat and heat – honestly, I want it to continue forever.

But the tourist alone is alone alone, who has chosen Egypt’s holiday location. The excursion program offered by the host party is extremely extensive and informative. And, of course, our group visited the ancient Luxor. When you fall into the territory of the Karnak temple, the largest in the world, then you are experiencing incredible feelings from his greatness. Here they are, the statues of the pharaohs, huge pylons, columns and steles, mysterious scarab and a great lake, who have experienced not one millennium. The thought comes to mind that after all it will have to come again again (and maybe more than once) to see with their own eyes and other monuments of Egyptian history. But according to the schedule, the excursion was already waiting for us at the Institute of Papyrus, where visitors showed how this ancient Egyptian was made "Paper". Then we sent to the West Coast of the Nile to see up to Linin Kings, Tsaritsa Khatsepsut and Colossa Memnon. There were so many impressions that inconsant people feel beyond the face of reality.

But time flew quickly, our fitness tour was successfully completed. We returned to Moscow rested, satisfied and happy, with a solid determination after a while again go to this wonderful country. Egypt is interested in all: both adults, and especially children. There everyone will find their place under the sun and, perhaps, will leave a particle of his soul in this country. And in conclusion I want to add that our fitness group went to Egypt and a second time, this time in Sharm el-Sheikh, and going to the third, so invites everyone to join such an original and multifaceted view of recreation.

Fitness on the shores of the Red Sea

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