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It’s no secret that Thailand sports country. Starting from the world famous Thai boxing – Muay Tha – and ending with battles on stick sticks – Krabong – and Thai volleyball with a small Rattan ball – Sepaak Troop. Or such unusual sports, like fighting fighters or battles of air coats. And the same Thai massage is a passive yoga!

I’m not talking about the Olympics, where Thais traditionally conquer prizes in boxing in lightweight weight. Pretty strong weightlifting team. Do not believe, but in Thailand there are even his stars of figure skating. Even there is Thai Beckham in Bolshoy Tennis – Paradon, who was married a few years ago in our Beauty, Miss Universe winner in 2005, Natalia Glebova. What unites Beckham and Paradon? – you ask. Both recently occupied by glamor, advertising and cinema rather than sports, although they used to be. And golf? I think he became so popular after the victories of Tiger Woods, who is a little bit. So Thais – a very sporting nation. In cities and villages are not particularly walking on foot – hot, no sidewalks, long distances. Therefore, local residents, although they are striking walking, will not miss the possibilities for physical education. On Mount Rang or Hill Monkeys in Phuket-Town, every evening you can meet young people, and at the age of climbing.

Fitness on Phuket - Free sites for classes, football, volleyball, aerobics guide

On the island of Phuket, almost every hotel has a gym. In Phuket Town 4 beautifully equipped fitness center, not to mention stadiums, where Thais come to play football. He is extremely popular. As well as volleyball. And it does not matter that there are no special results in these sports, the main process. In the evenings in the park of the frame IX, you can see Thais from Mala to Velik, running along the paths among tropical greenery. On the grief rank built ternscours for walking lovers.

Phuket Island provides tremendous opportunities to lovers of outdoor activities, starting with jogs on the beach and ending with extreme jumps from Tarzanka. Perhaps extreme entertainment need to highlight a special article. They are so many: kiting, surfing, windsurfing, karting, wakeboarding, diving, climbing, paragliding, shooting, zorbing and others. For beginners and professionals Special schools and centers offer rolling and training. If all the same Extreme is too much, you can enjoy aerobics. Throughout Thailand near Lotus shopping centers each evening from 18 to 19 is held at Fints. You can come completely free and jump under incendiary Thai music. By the way, an excellent option on the topic, how to start Thai friends Faragam. Interest in Faragam from Thaisi will be genuine. A few years ago, the Government of Thailand organized such a campaign against extra kilograms. Now and you have a great opportunity to join the fitness group near the Lotus Central Shopping Center, feel a healthy person, from which your success and good mood depends.

Fitness on Phuket - Free sites for classes, football, volleyball, aerobics guide

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