Fishing on Baikal – where, when, and that they catch?

Many ours love to fish on vacation on Phuket, Bali or Emirates. However, according to the data FishingBooker, – the largest platform for ordering fishing, – the famous Lake Baikal may be interested in even the most sophisticated fisherman.

Each resident of Russia knows about the purest waters of this freshwater miracle, its size exceeding the territory of Belgium. Is there an fisherman in the world, who did not dream of learning from fishing on Baikal? Stay alone with a favorite hobby and throw a fishing rod in Lake Baikal – the best holiday that can only be represented.

Fishing on Baikal

Where to fish on Baikal?

For amateur fishing on Baikal, the most convenient for all southern and east coast. Getting to the northern shores are not easy – only on the lake.

Give preference to shallow water, bays (Mukhora, Chivykh, failure) and small sea bay. Get ready for fishing from the shore: due to unpredictable gusts of the wind fishing from the boat is not popular among local. However, in some places, it is still possible to flow from the boat; The main thing is to go along with an experienced guide.

Where to fish on Baikal?

On the lake there are quite a variety of recreation bases, however, you can relax and "savage" on the shore. The most favorite place is Olkhon Island, where you can choose a place for the tent and how to enjoy luxurious fishing. Alternative to Olkhon, you can view the beaches behind the village of Utulik and the "Seagull" tour.

When fishering on Baikal?

Winter fishing

Why winter fishing on Baikal is so popular? Because you can have a majority of year here! Among the most active places – the mouths of rivers with Yayzez, Sorochoy and Pike, Delta, Straits and shallow bays with large perch and white charius. At the beginning of the season, study the reed and shallow water – with the strengthening of ice, the fish will be deepened in water.

When fishering on Baikal?

Happy February to the list of potential ulov, you can add black smoking. Omul and Sig appear with the depths.

Spring fishing

The period from March to April is characterized not only by an increase in the daylight, but also an active cool Siga, Harius, Omul and a lot more interesting. Fish flocks are preparing for spawning, and joyful fishermen go to search for dinner.

Two events can be planned at once: night fishing on a large catfish and Sasan Szan and Cara. The second you need to see at least once in my life – the dance of Sazanov’s flocks from the water can be seen (and hear!) across the county.

Spring fishing on Baikal

Summer fishing

Unlike the spring season, fish in the summer will not jump on your hook itself. Fishing in summer is perfect for sophisticated fishermen who want to challenge Baikal.

For June, I am going to reach butterflies from the drivers, so you will have the opportunity to catch an active cleail. Pry on the hungry pike, perch, ias. From the middle of the summer and until the end of the summer season, you can switch to the horseway and search for black smoking.

Summer fishing on Baikal

Choose not the hottest day for fishing in the summer. The best time is early morning and night.

Fishing on Baikal - where, when, and that they catch

Autumn fishing

From September to October, the irregular Omol goes to the upper and the Selenga River. At this time, access to the lake is allowed only with a fishing rod and spinning with 2 hooks.

By November, Klev Cool, pikes and perch. If you want to go fishing on Omul, then plan a trip for a couple of weeks to the ice station. Omul will be engaged in Zhor, so arrow the float and sheer rods and get ready for battle!

What catching on Baikal?

Baikal fish reserves are rich in a wide variety of fish. Among the most popular catches can be noted:

  • Harius
  • Siga
  • Omul
  • Golomyanka
  • Tymen
  • Ostra
  • Lenok

Surprisingly, however, the perch, roach, pike and even grayling with some locals are considered to be weary fish.

Please note that fishing on the Baikal sturgeon, Lenok and Timena is prohibited. Many fish are listed in the Red Book, and fishing of the most valuable copies of Baikal is limited by season.

What is important to know?

Sports fishermen should remember that the use of networks and more than 10 hooks on one rope is prohibited on Baikal. Scuba’s underwater hunting is also prohibited, like fishing with a searchlight in many regions.

It is also worth paying attention to that from the end of April to July on Baikal, a ban on catching amateur tackles is introduced.

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