Fishing in the Astrakhan region – the highest fishing aerobatics!

The Great our River is divided into a huge number of sleeves, ducts, rods, Ilmeni, there are about a thousand in the delta, the river takes place here – «Sister» Akhtuba, and the famous Caspian Rasquators are suitable here – the assistive seaside Delta. This is the biggest and most environmentally friendly sea mouth of the river in Europe. And fishing in the Astrakhan region – kind «aerobatics» For fishermen. It is not by chance that all fishing legends are about the inertial pikes and multi-loving sobs from here from here. To the services of fishermen in the region – More than one hundred fishing and tourist bases.

Fishing in the Delta, on Akhtube, in the Caspian Rasquet forces fishermen to survive not one exciting moment, leaves a lot of positive impressions and charges emotions for the whole year. And for fishermen who do not want (or not) to sit in one place for a long time, it is offered fishing on comfortable wards, their movement routes are running throughout the hospitable Volga delta.

What is attractive fishing in the Astrakhan region? First of all with its all-season. Good cool (and appropriate catch) here, in the delta, celebrates all year round. Changes, depending on the season, only the view of the catch. Just a year, pike perch, vobla, perch, bream are caught here. Large vobla (by the way, a favorite trophy of climbing fishermen, a kind of fishing symbol in the delta!) comes across more often in the spring when she goes to spawning. Summer – a recognized season catching pike perch and pike, and the rhe is best to peck in the fall. In winter, trees are very common in the Astrakhan region.

Transparent water of numerous jerikov, the duct and the Volga itself makes it possible and underwater hunting, it is practiced by fishermen in the Delta in the continuation of the whole year.

Organized fishing in the delta is conditionally divided into several directions:

Fishing on Akhtube – It is carried out with the fishing bases of Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, this is Akhtuba, Volga, Mitinka, Buzan, and a number of objects in Kharabalinsky, Enotaevsky and Krasnoyarsk regions.

Fishing in the Astrakhan region - the highest fishing aerobatics!

Fishing in Delta Volga – Includes fishing bases of the Astrakhan actually in the delta, within the borders of the River Buzan, and extends almost to the seaside of the Caspian.

Fishing in the Caspian Rasquet – everything is clear from the name.

Whatever directions you have chosen, comfort, excellent food and services of experienced huntsmen awaits you on fishing and tourist bases. They will help choose the most «Cylinder» Place and with pleasure will share your rich fishing experience.

It is believed that spring-autumn fishing in the Astrakhan region begins with April flood. The spectacle is unique! Water comes every minute arrives at the fields, together with her! Huge jambs, backs outwards, the fish passes narrow ducts, and then in a warm, warm southern sun, begins stormy love, and apotheosis of the whole sacrament of the birth of a new life comes – spawning! This unique spectacle must certainly see! Come fishing in the Astrakhan region!

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