Fishing in Pattaya: All excursions to the lake, river, sea. Map fishing parks

Thailand refers to Asian countries, fishery resources which affect the diversity of. This fact, along with a well-developed infrastructure, makes fishing hardly the most famous way to relax in Thailand actively. Moreover, the cost of such entertainment is not relatively high. Each tourist agency necessarily offers its customers such entertainment. At the same time, the tourist himself can choose at what time of day it will be more interesting to go fishing.

Lake fishing

The most large inhabitants of fresh reservoirs located near the resort are Soma and more dickers for our compatriots &# 8211; Snakes and Piranhas. Sometimes, lovers of fishing are told, very large specimens come across, the value of which is not inferior to human growth.

Very many exotic fish are found in Lake Monsters. It is located 180 km from the popular resort. In this place, you can catch almost all the inhabitants of Asian, South American and African freshwater reservoirs. Perhaps this is explained by the demand and popularity of this locality.

Private excursion combined with fishing – ordinary resort staff. It can be purchased in one of the travel agencies. The price of this trip &# 8211; about 1000 baht (32.01 USD). For this tourist money in the morning (at 9 o’clock) will be put in a comfortable bus and bring to the lake, and in the evening (about 17 hours), after the end of the excursion, will take back to the hotel. From a single tourist who came to fishing on their own, take 200 baht (6.40 USD) For an hour spent on the Monsters Lake.

Sea fishing

One of the most favorite types of recreation of fishermen professionals coming to Pattaya – underwater hunting. In the Siamese bay, located not far from the resort, there are many marine animals. Among them &# 8211; Perch, karasi, sharks, acne&# 8230;

Permission to robbing holidaymakers can purchase in one of the travel agencies. Minimum price of such a holiday &# 8211; 1300 baht (41.61 USD).

The amount includes:

  • Self hunting;
  • The cost of a trip on the transfer (from the hotel right to the pier and then back);
  • Food;
  • cold drinks;
  • Recommendations of an experimental mentor.

Many suggestions to go fishing can also be found on the embankment or on the beach.

Tourist for which 1300 baht (41.61 USD) – Too much amount, can save if you go to Bali Hai Pier. From the number of moored floating funds, he will be able to choose and rent a ship that comes up for money. Here you can agree on renting fishing gear.

Fishing in Pattaya All excursions to the lake, river, sea. Fishing Map Parks

Fishing in phishing parks

For holidaymakers who love to go fishing, but do not want to spend time on long crossing, Pattaya authorities came up with the original alternative &# 8211; Phishing parks. Such places are at different parts of the resort area.

The most popular phishing parks:

  • Jimmy S;
  • Panarak;
  • Jomtien Fishing Park.
  • Castaway Fishing Park and Restaurant

Here for visitors and local lovers of fishing created all conditions &# 8211; Work accommodation points of accessories and equipment. Rent fishing rods, for example, will cost a fisherman at 50 (1.60 USD) &# 8211; 100 baht (3.twenty USD).

When the tourist season reaches his peak, such a number of fisheries lovers comes to phishing parks, which is already impossible to find a free space. Experienced tourists who dedicated themselves to rest in such parks, know: To get a good place, you need to appear to the reservoir no later than nine in the morning. Fishermen diverge only in late in the evening, when the inhabitants of these reservoirs go to the night rest.

Here is someone who does not attend phishing parks, so these are lovers to enjoy fresh fish. It is forbidden to carry out caught copies with you. Moreover, each caught dweller must be released back into the water. Most fans of phishing parks are families with children for whom fishing is an addition to an active holiday in fresh rest.

Night fishing on squid

For this type of excursions are not provided by fun. Tourists invite to glorify in the open sea. During nightly fishing, you can catch a squid and some more types of fish, which is not caught in the afternoon.

All catch will be prepared here on the ship. The beginning of night fishing in Pattaya usually falls at 19:00. Ends such an excursion after twelve o’clock in the morning. Minimum night adventure cost &# 8211; 1300 baht (41.61 USD). This amount includes two trip trips (from the hotel to the ship and back), dinner, experience of an experienced instructor, fishing and drink equipment.

Help for recreation-novice

Tourist who offered catching a network must be alerted. This type of fishing may be illegal. As for the underwater hunt: only a few types of weapons are allowed, which can be used to mining certain types of predators.

Even the presence of a fishing license does not exempt the tourist from responsibility. For example, not so long ago a law was adopted about the banning of small-scale networks. The basis for restriction was the results of research of Thai scientists. It turns out that it is in small-scale traps that the so-called "young" often falls across &# 8211; Representatives of the underwater world, not yet brought offspring.

Strict ban is imposed on the catch of disappearing and rarely encountered underwater animals. Among them &# 8211; Mecondi Soma, Inbutchi and Siamese Carps. These fish are bred in phishing parks, but their use is strictly prohibited.

Invitation to the night and day excursion in Pattaya can be obtained literally at every turn. Experienced travelers recommend to agree to their inefficient colleagues only on those excursions that are conducted through the mediation of travel agencies and where other tourists will be present.

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