Fishing in Mongolia

Briefly I will tell you how we traveled in Mongolia on the Egiingol River in August 1997.

Visa visiting Mongolia we got from the consul in Yekaterinburg. Worth a visa of $ 55 for thirty days from the date of crossing the border. Pays dollars. After entering Mongolia in a three-day period, it is necessary to register in the local police.

Train No 6 message Moscow – Ulan Bator has several (3-4 depending on the season) trailed cars to Erdenet city. The city of Erdenet developed on the basis of a copper-cobalt mining and processing plant. The main population of Erdenta – ours and Ukrainians. In the department of frames of the plant (through acquaintances), we solved the problem of registration in local police. From Erdeta before the start of the alloy – the village of Erdene-Bulgan 400 km. Machine for money (dollars or tugry) is not a problem. Roads as such are missing. There are directions. Leaving Erdenta at 10 o’clock arrived in place at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Egyngola alloy We started from the village of Erdene-Bulgan, from the bridge through EGINGOL. In this place was one of the stages of Camel Trophy 1997. If someone is interested in the forest for construction, then this is the problem. Either curve watch or alder or enough fat larch.

Dry season in Mongolia is installed since mid-August. The rains stop. Becoming graceful time. Mosquito little. Summer heat will fall. N o h and t e p l s e. Starts intense zhor fish. We were given advice not to dry and not drink water from large rivers, t.E. Egivengola and Selenga. Every year, every fall in Mongolia is there, then there are plague outbreaks. Most often they are fixed in the south of Mongolia and in its central part, just where the origins of Selenga.

What reports the BSE River. ". Egivengol, Left Flow of the Selenga River. Length 475 km, pl. Pool 49.1 thousand. km. Originates from oz. Hubsugul; proceeds in a wide valley on mountain and hilly terrain, forming numerous thresholds. Spring flood, summer rain floods. Cf. Water consumption 40 km from mouths about 100 m cubic meters.\ 134SEK. Disadvantage. Freezes for 5-6 months. . "

In fact, there is no obstacles on the river. All over the alloy river pulls exactly 6 -8 km / 134th. What pulled us to such a river ? Edelweices fields, beautiful nature and of course fishing.

All over alloy to catch the timman, Lenka or Harius did not make problems. On the second day of the alloy, the minimum weight of the fish was set, which was allowed to be taken (5 kg – for the Tamery and 2.5 kg for Lenka, pikes forbidden to take at all).

Yurts of shepherds stand throughout the river. Near some yurts there are satellite television antennas, and there is a cart with wooden wheels of the Times of Genghis Khan, who is the national hero. Approximately every fourth Mongol studied in the USSR and still remembers some our words. Therefore, communication is possible in almost every yurt. In shepherds, you can purchase meat, kumiv, milk, oil, t.E. all that gives his natural economy. Relation to our normal. Although it is not worth relaxing. Check the empty tent and something necessary for the farm to take care of your hands – this is the Mongol.

Fishing in Mongolia

We were fused to the mouth of Egivengola, where the car was waiting for the car on the right bank of Selenga. Below 60 km through the Selengu Bridge where you can catch transport. It is about 90 – 120 km from Erdenet.

In the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčErdenta, fish in all the streams are knocked out with electric lifes, which in my opinion is worse than dynamite.

Actively operate in Mongolia "Green". Permission required for each caught fish – Mongolian sounds "Bike. True the price is acceptable. Approximately $ 8 per 100 kg of fish. Displays "Bike" On the river some local county foresters arising from nowhere. Another 15 dollars paid in Erdenta local SanEpidemstancy for a certificate for customs and border guards, which no one has in demand.

All the journey we cost about 3,500,000 rubles (visa, road, products and other expenses) –

Products We were brought with you from home. But, as it turned out, everything can be bought in Mongolia. It will be even cheaper. Set of products as in any city of Russia. Local stew is much more decent than our. In all stores in the city and on the market, the same walking has both tugres and dollars. But the route must have Tugry.

Fishing in Mongolia

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