Fishing Competitions in Gambia

Each autumn in Gambia is sent to lovers to sit on the shore with a fishing rod from a variety of countries to take part in international competitions and will hunt for the famous barracuda, yellow-eyed Berix, Tarpon, Skat-Tower and other marine inhabitants.

This fall comments will be held from 11 to 16 November. In their course, you can catch both on a natural bait and on artificial bait; use spinning and bottom fishing rods. The cost of participation is $ 200 for a competitive day. This amount includes transport to the place of fishing, bait, water, the use of a boat, as well as participating in the gala dinner and the ceremony of awarding winners.

Gambia River – one of the richest fish of water bodies in this region of Africa, which is very popular among fishermen. She originates on Plateau Futa-Dzallo in Guinea and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, which creates a unique combination of flora and fauna. Places for fishing are chosen very carefully, taking into account the deep knowledge of local breeds and family features, so every fisherman gets a rare opportunity to catch its "big fish". Various methods of fishing are used, including with a lively or dead bait, drifting, trolling and other. Fishermen provide a lively or dead bait or artificial bait depending on what kind of predator they want to catch.

In the offset of competition participants there is any caught fish – both quickly moving and low-live. In the catch comes across the famous barracuda, Golden Lutan, a bright Senegal Gorny, Fish-captain, Tarpon (it is also called "Silver Queen"), Skat-tailing and other local fish species.

Fishing Competitions in Gambia

In the Gambia love to catch fish in coastal waters, the best places for this are in the western part of the country (in Sanyang, Gongzure or Cardfall). Fishing in river ducts and streams is also very popular, attracting those who come here to inspect the sights, watch birds, sunbathe and fish – all during one trip! For whom the size of the catch and its diversity is important, deep-water fishing is offered.

According to the results of competitions in different categories, prizes will be issued with a total value of about $ 8 thousand.

Fishing Competitions in Gambia

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