Fisherman who found a rare pearl, wanted by the police

At the end of January, the fisherman from the simple class found the pearl of the chalk of rare orange color, and in early February he became known for the whole world thanks to the information published in a variety of media.

He told everyone about his prophest dreams and expected that the expensive pearl would change his fate and the life of his family for the better. By the end of the month, 37-year-old Hutchai (Hatchai) expected the buyer from China, who promised after the expert assessment to pay 10 million baht for the gemstone.

However, the fairy tale has not become a reality, and the fisherman turned out to be a major drug dealer, presumably having a network of dealers.

In this weekend Hatchai Niyomdecha (Hatchai NiyomDecha) was detained by the police – He is incriminated by trade of drugs for drugs.

According to the police, the fisherman was under surveillance for some time before he began to appear in the news – The reason was the detected secret warehouse with a huge methamphetamine party in the form of tablets. Evidence of the connection of fisherman with a drug repository provided forensic examination.

For some time, Hutchey managed to hide from the police, but the happy find everything changed everything, and the attention of the relevant authorities attracted information about him from the media.

Fisherman who found a rare pearl, wanted by the police

In the family of the family «lucky» A search was conducted, in the course of which another hidden repository of other drugs was found with objects for their use. Police believes that the captured criminal is a serious representative in the hierarchy of the local drug business.

Despite the fact that the arrested denies his communion towards the found drugs, he is accused of several articles, among which the storage and distribution of prohibited drugs, as well as participation in collusion in order to illegal actions.

In a very short period of time, the fate of Thai fisherman turned 180 degrees and confirmed the proverb: «From Sumy and from prison will not be registered».

We add that the Chinese businessman who wanted to buy a unique pearl, already arrived in Thailand and passes a 2-week mandatory quarantine, and the fate of the Find itself remains.

Fisherman who found a rare pearl, wanted by the police

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