Fisherman’s Wharf Theme Park in Macau

Fishing Village or Fisherman’s Wharf is the first attraction that tourists who come from Hong Kong in Macau on the ferry. Pier fishermen is located literally within walking distance of the terminal where ferries moored. Despite the name, no fishermen you do not meet here – Fisherman’s Wharf is a thematic park built exclusively with a commercial purpose. People here very little most likely because everything is in a rush at the famous Macau casino at once, and we are not at all interested in the same kind of rest, but they love thematic parks, so they could not miss it. &# 128578; Macau Fishman’s Wharf – First Theme Park in Macau, Open in 2006. On the area of ​​133,000 square meters there must be accommodated attractions, restaurants, shops and, of course, casino. I must say that we expected to see something stunning, because the Chinese are able to build with a scope, but alas.

Despite the fact that construction began for almost 10 years, the park produces an impression of unfinished. It is clear that everything is built gradually, but somehow this "theme park" looks very deserted and sad. Maybe we have created such a feeling because besides us there almost no one was.

Entrance to Fisherman’s Wharf Park

Part of the territory is closed

Personally, we seemed to us that this is not a park with entertainment, but shopping center with shops. On every corner shops, cafes, casino, but attractions and does not smell.

Park "Pier Fishermen"

The only thing we liked and impressed is copies of European attractions – here they look very great and organically, but there are still planned stores, although in original scenery.

The Central Park Street is somewhat reminded by European, but only reminds, since the Chinese color is still not going anywhere.

Central Street Park "Pier Fish"

Of course, a park with a romantic name "Rock Fisherman" could not do without a fishing pier, and small cafes and restaurants with very "biting" prices were located along the "Embankment".

Fisherman village in Macau

There are practically no people, only occasionally from some store will be a group of tourists from the mainland China and will hide in the following, and so – emptiness. Perhaps it is this emptiness that creates an impression of incompleteness.

There are no people at all!

Usually we do not tell about the places that we did not like, because it’s just a pity to spend time on them (we and so on the date of publication of this material there are still more than 200 unlipped articles), but decided that it would be dishonest to our readers. Personally, we didn’t like the thematic Park Macau Fisherman’s Wharf at all, but quite a lot of tourists praise him and say that there is very cool.

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As they say how many people are so many opinions. We saw "reports", where one of the tourists praises "Pier Fishermen", but Hong Kong Ocean Park compares Gorky Park in Moscow and says that there is nothing to do there. In our opinion, the Ocean Park in Hong Kong is an excellent park, one of the best, which will be interesting and for children, and adults, but in the theme park Macau really nothing to do, except to go shopping and casinos. &# 128578;

Fisherman village in Macau

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