Fisherman beat off the three sharks attacked him

Cooper Watson from Australia fishing at coconut islands. A rather large fish fell on the hook to him – Yelloweeter Karanx. It attracted the attention of three black-playing sharks, writes Daily Mail.

Most likely, the fish was covered about the hook, the blood fell into the water, which was traced by sharks. Prediters rushed to Watson, began to circle his feet and try to grab fish. One shark even managed to grab Watson’s prey for the tail. The fisherman did not want to give his catch, so I decided to take fish for the mouth and raise it upstairs.

To beat off the shark, Watson began to beat the waters.

"At first I was worried about my catch, and then began to worry about myself. When the shark bit the tail behind the tail, blood got into the water. She could bring predaters back in a more insane. They just could bite me down the leg, "said Watson.

Fisherman beat off the three sharks attacked him

Fisherman reached the shore unharmed, he did not need medical assistance.

Black-stroke sharks are considered harmless to humans, they are also called the most timid. They are very rarely engaged in contact with people. However, it is worth being careful during fishing. As soon as these sharks feel prey or the smell of blood, they immediately come to the excitement and in this state they can bite a man.

Fisherman beat off the three sharks attacked him

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