Fish village in Kaliningrad – what place, history and photos

The Fish Village in Kaliningrad is a complex of office and hotel buildings in the center, stylized under Penglish development of the end of the XIX century. Now it is Kaliningrad’s face.

In fact, it is several hotels with restaurants on the first floors.

What to see in the fish village

No historical buildings here.

The whole quarter was built in the period from 2006 to 2010. It reproduces the image of the old Prussia, but this is only an image, and not a historical reconstruction. These buildings and, especially a lighthouse, there has never been here.

Build plan. There are three more sites along the Prestol River, on which there will be a continuation of the fish village.

History of the Fish Village

Despite the fact that the Fish Village in Kaliningrad was built only in 2006, the historic Fish village also existed. Only not in this place.

It was located on the shore of Altstadt – the historic district of Kaliningrad, where the castle was located, and now – the House of Soviets. That is, the fish village was from the opposite side – behind the island of Kneyprhof, on which the cathedral stands.

View of the fishing village from the island of Kneyprhof

Historic Fish Village was called Fishmark and existed until 1944. For his history, she almost did not change and looked like medieval markets: small wooden boats with fish for every taste. Under the legs lay a paving slave, and in the sky shouted annoying seagulls.

On the site of the modern fish village in the XVIII century there was a market on which the cattle was traded. He was called Oshenmarkt – bull market.

Photo of the Fish Village

Hotels are located in the Fish Village:

  • Kaizerof
  • Honey Bridge
  • Hotel Skipper

Lighthouse in the Fish Village

Between the houses in the fish village is standing. He is unreal.

Lookout on the lighthouse

Inside the beacon is a cafe and a glass museum, and on the top floor is an observation deck. From the site a good view of the Cathedral and the island of Kant. More on it there is a sculpture of seagulls with an egg in the paws.

On the viewing area leads a staircase of 133 steps.

How to get to the fish village

Fish the Fish Village is easy – this is the center of Kaliningrad, next to Kant Island. The quarter is standing on Oktyabrskaya Street, who before the war was called Lipova (Linden Strasse)

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Fish Village on the map

Fish village in Kaliningrad - what place, history and photo

Address of the Fish Village in Kaliningrad

Ul. Oktyabrskaya, D.eight

Specially look for the fish village do not have to. You will definitely see it when you walk in the center.

If you want to ride a boat on the prege, then in the fish village you will find several berths, from where these ships are sent.

The cost of a trip on the boat is different and depends on the distance and company carrier. On average from 250 to 500 rubles. Ticket can be bought in place

Despite the fact that all buildings here are new-fashioned, after all, the fish village is one of the main attractions in Kaliningrad. It is pleasant to walk in good weather, and in the rain you can sit in a cafe overlooking the cathedral.

And you were in the fish village in Kaliningrad? Like you this place?

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Fish village in Kaliningrad - what place, history and photo

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